Casablanca Cup Replays #KOF #USF

The Casablanca Cup happened this past weekend, check out some of the replays below to see the level and progression in Morocco. KOF Brackets Grand Finals   SF4 Brackets Grand Finals There were problems with the stream so there is quite a bit of skipping, I’m afraid. ┬áBut at least you get to see Frionel …

#Letsplay #KOF and Torta vs Shanks FT10 #psn #sale #arcade

You got paid right? Don’t forget the sales (check below)! Let’s play KOF! ON.Stophers going on with a run back after drinking too much last time :p ICE CREAM TRUCKS   ON.Torita vs NEM Shanks Full top tier all the way !!! SNK SUPER 99 cents SALE! In order to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of …

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