Heidern Adelheid Fanart

   FGC News   March 29, 2013  No Comments

Hi I’m bored. If you like the art, please rate the picture here

Artists! Make some $$$ at i46!

Updated with Vice Artwork – confirmed to be one of the final designs. Are you a budding artist? Want to get your work out there? ¬†How about getting it seen at the biggest gaming event this summer and make a few bucks at the same time! We’re looking for art…

Gift Art from Pop Squally

   FGC News   October 21, 2010  2 Comments

Now this reminds me of the good old days, where webmasters used to get gift art for hitting a certain number on the counter.† Anyway, orochinagi is awesome – because you guys say so (like I’m going to argue).† We might be hitting a peak, as I noticed the facebook…