Ralf Combo Vid and the return of Steam Tournaments

WalterRalf from Argentina has pulled out the stops to go full power with Ralf’s napalm powered fists with some stunning combos, proving again that even the lowest tiered characters can shine in the right hands. GOOD JOB SOLDIER! The return of steam tournaments With the recent sale (ending today) on steam, more people have been …

Wong Interview Luffy Will2Pac Argentina #USF4 #KOF #RFD

RFD More footage from the smackdown in Amsterdam past weekend! GL.Valmaster vs EG.Justin Wong  Interview with Justin Wong https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ly0nudsM-3A Also check out photos from Khanh David To Tuan and Spirit of Champion Featured Photo courtesy of Khanh David To Tuan CDV.Will2Pac vs MD.Luffy  Salty Night Finals We’ve seen Peru and Chile, now Argentina shows us their …

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