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KOF14発売一周年おめ!20キャラ描いてもまだ半分にも到達しない総キャラ数凄い😮💦アケ出してくれて本当感謝☺️これからも楽しみます✨#KOF14 #KOFXIV — ろび (@robby_skr) August 24, 2017

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Enter this week's #TNTUK for your chance to win the #KOFXIV Special Anniversary Edition, with ALL DLC INCLUDED! — East London Fighters (@eastlondonFGC) September 4, 2017

20th Anniversary Art, #KOF Universe, #UNIEL, #EHRGEIZ #P4U2

20th Anniversary Arts From Reinhold Hoffman: the KOF series turns exactly 20 years old today on the 25th August and we from the Game-Art-HQ Community found this important enough to organize an art collaboration by over 35 fans with the main focus on the many teams in the King of…