Get a 2D Fighter (+jiggling) for Free!

Posted by Iori E at our forums:


Heard of it?


And before anyone asks, you need to set your computer’s regional settings to Japanese. Otherwise, the window will not open properly. And no, AppLocale will not work.

Oh, and don’t just go showing this around to everybody. This game has even more fanservice than Arcana Heart (if that’s even possible). Pantyshots (if they’re even wearing panties), jiggling boobs, and bare skin everywhere. I wouldn’t play this game at work, in other words.”

For info on where to download, more pics etc, click here!

Ignition xii tourney results

It’s over!  REYNALD TECSUAN wins!

MONIQUE GANDERTON (Mature) came down as a special guest at the event (Eye patch?).  Hope she wasn’t too scared by the testorone.   Looks like it was a good event, money was actually spent!  This really is a KOF rebirth!

Hmmm… doesn’t look like XII is gonna bring in any young blood (lol).  But, tut, they don’t know what they’re missing…

Edit: Lots of videos and stuff

Also, check out our new Featured Video, featuring Tim from London with some classic Iori, winning the local ranking battle.

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