Japanese Arcades Summer 2009

Site Update: Gallery restoration is in place as you can tell- much more to come. Capcom Design Works and Falcoon Collection re-added, amongst others.


I’m putting together a guide to Akihabara, and the major arcades of Japan – I kid you not, I’ve just visited at least two of the most well known there.  I got my ass handed to me, although I have a completely reasonable yet pathetic excuse (I had never actually played 2k2UM before!).  I also got some wins, but more about that later.

What I want to tell you is something that should come as no surprise but you may find saddening none the less.  Continue reading “Japanese Arcades Summer 2009”

KOF XII delivery Gamestopped

As you may or may not know, I pre-ordered my KOF XII.  As you may or may not know, Gamestop actually released the game EARLY, before the official release date.  What’s even more amazing, my copy of KOF XII arrived in London, UK, on the 27th!!!!!!

However, this joyful event was offset by two things:

a) I was actually in Osaka, Japan, at the time.  They attempted to deliver twice and were about to “abandon” delivery when I called on the 3rd, just in time to re-arrange delivery.

b) I had to pay a VAT charge of £17.90 on top of the retail price + shipping.  Nnnng.

Still, if I hadn’t been in Japan, I guess having the game before release date would have been pretty damn cool!  It should arrive today, don’t expect any updates :3 I’ll leave some comments as soon as I get into the whole lag/online play/broken raiden-mature-bug debate.

XII Release Date and Poll

3449091823_f1805c337cJuly 28th.

Amazon can be annoying at times, or let’s put it this way, ordering from abroad can be really annoying.  Ever tried to order from amazon.jp or amazon.com?  They won’t post outside of their country.  I don’t really see what’s stopping them, apart from the possibility of hurting the sales of the local amazon store (in my case amazon.co.uk).  But all the money goes back to amazon.com anyway, right?  Anyway, boobs, can’t order from amazon.

But I’m not waiting for the European release- so I pre-ordered XII from gamestop.com.  If you’re lucky you might even be able to find a discount voucher  (How? Just google it!).

Are you Europeans hoping for an August release date?  Don’t hold your breath.  98UM came out in March in the US.  98UM came out er… August – although I remember it more like December.  Hey I’m not saying it won’t happen, but I’m not taking any chances!

More reasons to get a PS3- they are not region locked- the US version will work on any PS3.  If you’re nuts, you can get the JP version too.  So what are you waiting for?

On other news, the gallery is having problems but should be back up soon.  Mind you I’m starting to wonder what the point is…  Should I bring back the wiki?  We don’t need movelists because it’s included in the game menu, and the forums cover strategies rather well… no?  Hell are you even reading this??  Please use the poll on the right! =)

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