The World Drop Event


the World Drop Event has started, and it’s the reason players who wanted to log out for two weeks have rushed straight back in.  Read the info below which I’ve added info to, taken from the CM’s post here but check out some tips we’ve collected, including Farming Spots.

tldr: Collect the drops from dungeon expert/lunatic modes to craft a selector for Omega Rugal (if you want to be king on PVP) Orochi Iori (to destroy PVE) or Orochi Shermie (for the tricky quests).

Think about your needs before you pick!!! If you want to complete all the quests in KOFAS I highly recommend Orochi Shermie.

Note: There are 20 days left (ends 13th May) do not mistake the note that says 27 days to go- the last 7 days are for you to run to the shop to buy stuff if you haven’t grinded enough.

It’s recommended to do all the power up dungeons every day and check you have 30 more shards. That’s the easy way to keep track.  The letters are easier to get, while the shards are fixed, you cannot afford to miss any of these, otherwise you’ll have to go to the shop!

Underneath is the CM’s post, to which I have added some info and pics.

“Hi there! It’s CM Yuri.

We have prepared an event where all fighters have a shot at obtaining Fest Fighters and Special Cards! Play the game, gather crafting material, and get rewarded!

See below for more details!


4/22 9:00 pm-5/13 8:59 pm (PDT)

You can find these in the Expert/Lunatic levels of dungeons so it’s limited to 3x a day

In one day you could spend … A LOT OF AP, easily 1K.  You can maximise your AP by doing some quests in the morning and then letting your AP build in the day…

To get Purple shards

There are 6 power up dungeons

  • Gold Dungeon 20ap x3 = 60
  • Exp Dungeon 25ap x3 = 75
  • Cores 20ap x3 = 60
  • Evolution [ 40×3 ] x 5 = 600
  • Battle Card Evo [ 40×3 ] x 2 = 240
  • Battle Card 40 ap (x infinite?)  = finally got something so I think it’s a low rate drop, still not recommended

So that’s a minimum of 1,035

Remember you can use skip tickets for these!

To get KOF letters

  • Element Advent
  • Advent Descent
  • Battle Card Dungeon (Yashiro etc)
  • Power Up Dungeon Battle Card
  • Championship
  • Arena
  • Power Up Dungeons (any lower difficulty than the top)

To get AS letters

  • Inferno Dungeon
  • Epic Quest Finals
  • KOF 99 expert mode (low rate)
  • Soul Event
  • Infinite Battle

I’m guessing it’s rarity by level, the harder the level the higher percentage of a reward.

Update: definitely seen them appear on lower difficulty power up dungeon quests (no purples yet), even normal level battle card evolution!

Element Advent (Alexandrite, Lucia, Mighty Most etc)

The drops seem quite rare… but perhaps it’s just a matter of luck

  • Expert 40ap x3
  • Hard 30ap x3
  • Easy 20ap x3

Advent Descent (Sentai Rangers, Halloween Yashiro etc)

Good drop rate so far (1 per match)

  • 40 x3 – extendable by spending rubies

Battle Card Dungeon (Yashiro, Athena etc)

Variable drop so far for every level…

  • Lunatic 30 x3
  • Expert 20ap x3
  • Hard 15ap x3

Inferno Descent (Chizuru, Yashiro, Mecha Goenitz etc)

  • Inferno 50 ap x3
  • Purple AS found here!

Total AP spent in one day (Dungeons) 1,035 + (Events) 735 = 1,850

But that’s not all!  There’s also:

Story Mode

Arguably the hardest missions give the best rewards (KOF and AS) eg KOF99 Expert Mode.

KOF94-98 (KOF only)

KOF 99 (Normal mode KOF? AS only?)

Epic Quest

(low rate?  final chapter for AS)

Soul Event

solid drop rate?

  • Free x4  (extendable by rubies)

Infinite Battle

  • 6 fights (A or S only)


  • 3 fights


  •  only limited to time

Farming Spots

Letters A+S: 

  • Epic Quest FINALS

I have yet to get any drops from EQ but very high rates from EQ Final chapters (where you need tickets) (Envy Mary or glitched FC Yashiro huehuehue)

IMPORTANT: It’s recommended to do the dailies, get tickets and do the FINAL chapters to get guaranteed AS (but not KOF)

  • Story mode kof99

Letters K+O+F:

  • Championship : only limited to time (you can get letters for LOSING)
  • Advent card battle
  • Story mode

Getting AP

watch the ads in the secret shop 3 times day and stockpile! Remember the shop gets new stock every 4 hours.

Getting more shards

If you don’t have enough time, there are packages in the shop to buy more shards and letters, of course it is random loot boxes but there are some cheap ones.

Main Rewards:

  • KOF Box
  • KOFAS Box
  • Fest Fighter Special Selector
  • Fest Special Card Special Selector
  • KOF Purple Soul
  • AS Purple Soul

Item Contents


KOF Box (Contents)

KOFAS Box (Contents)

Rainbow Evolution Material Selection Box


Elite Memory Card

Blue Element Soul

Soul Dust

Purple Element Soul

Auto-Clear Ticket

Yellow Element Soul

AP 100 Elixir

Green Element Soul

Core x10 Selection Box

Red Element Soul



Fest Fighter Special Selector (Contents)

Fest Special Card Special Selector (Contents)

Awakened Shermie

Unmei no Ya

Awakened Chris

Sanagiwo Yaburi Chouwa Mau

Awakened Yashiro

Ankoku Jigoku Gokuraku Otoshi EX

Orochi Iori

MAX Kin 1029 Shiki: Yaotome

Orochi Leona

Rebel Spark EX


Desperate Overdrive EX

Omega Rugal

Omega Execution

Please note:

-Crafting material can be obtained until 5/13 8:59 pm (PDT).
-Event crafting material can be used until 5/20 8:59 pm (PDT).
-KOF Box / KOFAS Box can be used until 5/20 8:59 pm (PDT).”



Thanks to all my stream friends who helped out!

And extra thanks for the tips and corrections:

  • Idrees
  • Nando
  • M Gouram
  • Yandy Kusanagi
  • Hassan
  • AnIsS
  • SilverSamurai905
  • Secs syass


Did you miss me? 😀

This video is meant to showcase what Momiji is capable of in DOA6 (Ver. 1.18). Combos marked with a yellow star cannot be avoided with fastest hold. Combos marked with a red star cannot be avoided even with fastest low hold.


VOTE – KOF ALLSTAR Best Gold Character Tierlist

There’s been a lot of discussion over the Japanese wiki tier list, so I thought it would be nice for you to give your own opinions. Who are the strongest characters in The King of Fighters AllSTAR? I’ve opened up a poll for Best “Gold” character in KOF Allstar, including the Xmas characters, and will consider adding the New Year’s characters too. It should be an interesting way to close off the year. You can vote for up to 20 characters, so you can vote for the obvious bosses and then tell us who else should be considered too. More polls will come for Silver and Bronze and dividing by Red, Blue etc, later.

Strongest King of Fighters GOLD

View Results

Don’t forget to check over our guide, updated with some links and more stuff to come!

EXP Farming: Epic Quest vs Lunatic Dungeon

A friend said that the Epic Quest was a better source of EXP capsules than the EXP dungeon, so I thought to take a look and compare results.

Challenge EXP Rush Lunatic Level

Upon completion we get:

6x Elite Capsules, 12,000 EXP each = 72,000 Experience

Just to be sure, I tried again and got:

7x Elite Capsules

Challenge Expert Level

As Lunatic Level is only available three times a day, let’s look at the lower difficulty which is available indefinitely.  We got:

4x Elite Capsules, 12,000 EXP each = 48,000 Experience

Epic Quest Envy Mary fight

13x Rare Capsules for 2,400 EXP each = 31,200 Experience

2nd try, same result


The problem is that this is variable. Sometimes you get a bonus, sometimes not.  When fighting Mary, you’ll get other items plus you will buff yourself for the Epic Quest in general. You also get a higher chance of items depending on which characters you have in your team.

if you purely want EXP then the EXP dungeon is better. Even expert mode gives more than Epic Quest consistently.

But we will need to do Epic Quest eventually….. and there is a chance of getting other capsules and cards from farming her…

For the short term, I’m avoiding the Epic Quest for now, just occasionally farming when everything else is done for the day.  I’m more concerned with getting the Sentai and skill cards… But for the long term it’s a tougher but better idea to start grinding Epic Quest because it will give lower rewards but prepare you for the huge quest ahead.  Farming Mary nets you 1900 exp per character so you can leave two characters levelling up as your main clears the quest.

Do you have any tips for farming capsules? Share below!

Our main guide with tons of tips can be found here

Gold Silver and Bronze characters in [ KOF ALL STAR ]

Briefly, Bronze characters have a low CP (combat point) value. You need CP to fight the harder quests and compete in versus mode. The Gold Characters are the best.

Here’s the video then even more information below.

The stars represent how high you can level them. 3 star characters will max out at 30 and then need to be evolved 3 times to reach level 60, while gold 5 star characters only need to be evolved once. Evolutions are expensive.

Then after you evolve, you can limit break to level 90, using character souls, KOF souls, colour souls or rainbow souls. The silver and bronze souls are more rare to find, making this process more difficult! You cannot use gold souls on a bronze character and vice versa.

First time to find bronze and silver souls were in this festival!

So, it’s just not worth picking a bronze or silver character unless you really like them! Their stats are generally lower so if we can assume that levelling uses the same amount of points, the gold characters will always be ahead of their bronze and silver counterparts.

Notice the seats only represent their max level. 4 stars takes this character to level 40 before you have to evolve, but every character can get to level 90. However the gold characters will be the strongest.

Note : The AS characters cannot be levelled up with gold, silver or bronze souls!  They are very hard to level up.

In conclusion: go for gold!!!

Read more about the king of fighters all star at the guide contents page.


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