Top 5 Charts

1 BS Zero No
2 BS Igniz Nope
3 SS Nyotengu Urgh
4 Meliodas +Leah set rip
5 SS Mai Damage!
Counter Picks
BS Orochi Ban
Shane Praying
Rudy H.Yashiro O.Card
SS Athena Ban
L Zero Block and Hope


The New Card system has been installed but guides will not be updated until it's confirmed unchanged, due to complaints.


With Rollback netcode! Steam!!


Is he worth it?

Well... from a few matches on PVP, it's a yes, however.... blocking works to a degree...

Giant Welder

The key here is to use your super animation to gain time! Haohmaru, Genjuro, Rock, W.Athena, Tekken, P.Yashiro, H.Mary, NOT CENA (sorry) with cooldown cards recommended

Oct 2020

Think about the elements when you fight! Arguably some characters don't care, such as Goenitz and reversal characters like Vanessa, Iori, Ms Big and Brianna.