2k2 UM - Ralf

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2k2 UM - Ralf

Post by PenPen » Mon Nov 08, 2010 14:25

Okay. This is too slow - what I'll make is all the threads so you guys can discuss first while I catch up.

Here's Larf. Discuss.

= Command Moves =
Larf has none.

= Special Moves =
.P .P .P : Vulcan Punch
- Knocks away opponent on hit
- Ralf can move forward/backward by holding in that direction while punching
- Stop the move by pressing .A .B .C .D , he'll stop after a split second

sonicboom .P : Gatling Attack
- A version has shorter range, C version goes farther
- Super cancellable

flashkick .P : Kyuukouka Bakudan Punch (Chijou)
- Ralf flies upwards first, then dives head first with explosion on contact
- A version goes around hopping height, C version goes up farther
- Second part is overhead and OTG

Air qcf .P : Kyuukouka Bakudan Punch (Kuuchuu)
- Ralf does the second part of the above move
- Slight angle variations between the two versions
- Overhead and OTG

HCB .B : Ralf Kick
- Goes over some projectiles
- Juggles opponent

HCB .D : Ralf Tackle
- Full autoguard at the start of run
- In max mode, can cancel to other moves and DM
- Huge recovery time

HCF .K : Super Argentine Backbreaker
- Close range grab
- Fast enough to link from weak attacks

qcf qcf .P : Galatica Phantom
- Unblockable
- Full autoguard once he turns back
- Counter wire
- Ralf can be grabbed/thrown during this move

= Desperation Moves =

QCBHCF .K : Umanori Vulcan Punch
- After the last hit, will leave opponent lying on the ground for a short while

QCFHCB .P : Baribari Vulcan Punch
- Starting frames have invincibility

= Super Desperation Moves =
QCFHCB .A .C : Baribari Vulcan Punch
- Starting frames have invincibility

= HSDM =
QCBHCF .B .D : Umanori Galactica Phantom
- Starts off like his Umanori Vulcan Punch
- Punches his opponent into the air for an extremely long period
- Before he punches, you can follow with his qcf qcf .A .C followup

qcf qcf .A .C (chargeable) during Umanori Galactica Phantom: Galatica Vanguard
- Do this before Ralf punches the opponent into the air
- You can hold this move while the opponent is airborne, release to do the move
- If hitting at a 'sweet spot' the whole move will do 100% damage

= Misc info =
- Close D avoids low attacks

= Starter Combos =
Close .C -> HCF .K
dwn .A (x2) -> HCF .K
dwn .B -> HCF .K
sonicboom .P -> (SC) any DM or SDM
QCBHCF .K -> Air qcf .P

= Advanced Combos =
Close .C -> .B .C -> fwd fwd -> dwn .A -> sonicboom .C -> HCB .D -> (SC) any DM or SDM
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= Vids Corner =
Match vid:


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