2k2 UM - Joe

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2k2 UM - Joe

Post by PenPen » Sun Nov 07, 2010 12:57

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= Command Moves =
fwd .B : Low Kick
- Despite the name, this move does not hit low
- Cancels into specials or supers even if done by itself

df .B : Sliding
- Hits low if not cancelled into
- Doesn't knockdown
- Can cancel into Bakuretsu Ken only

= Special Moves =
HCF .P : Hurricane Upper
- A version does 1 hurricane, C version does 2

HCF .K : Slash Kick
- B version comes out faster
- D version is slower, but goes farther
- D version is counter wire

DP .K : Tiger Kick
- D version goes farther up than B version
- Super cancel on 1st hit

QCB .K : Ougon no Kakato
- D version goes up higher
- If hitting opponent in the air, can juggle

.P .P .P : Bakuretsu Ken
- Does a series of rapid punches
- During this move you can cancel into either his Bakuretsu Finish or Shijou Saikyou no Low Kick

qcf .A during Bakuretsu Ken: Bakuretsu Finish
- Overhead attack
- Can be super cancelled

qcf .C during Bakuretsu Ken: Shijou Saikyou no Low Kick
- Hits low

= Desperation Moves =
db-uf .K (chargeable): Ougon no Tiger Kick
- Now is more like his DP .K instead
- Chargeable into unblockable after fully charged
- Can link from weak attacks if not held (even for a split second)

qcf qcf .P : Screw Upper
- Huge hurricane appears in front of Joe
- A version links from weak attacks

QCFHCB .P : Bakuretsu Hurricane Tiger Kakato
- Multihit super
- Links from weak attacks

QCB QCB .K (chargeable): Shijou Saikyou no Low Kick
- Hits low

= Super Desperation Moves =
qcf qcf .A.C. : Screw Upper
- Huge hurricane appears in front of Joe and goes forward fullscreen

= HSDM =
qcf qcf .B .D : Cross Gigantes
- Hits front and back

= Misc notes =
- Close .D links into far .A

= Starter Combos =
dwn .A -> QCFHCB .P
dwn .A -> .P .P .P -> qcf .A -> (SC) QCFHCB .P or qcf qcf .P
Close .C -> fwd .B -> HCF .K

= Advanced Combos =
Cancellable normal -> df .B -> .P .P .P -> qcf .A -> (SC) QCFHCB .P or qcf qcf .P
Close .D ->far .A -> QCFHCB .P

= Vids Section =
Match vid:

Even though Joe lost, you should check out the section where he basically kept Kyo in the corner.



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