KOF XIII System Discussion Thread

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Re: KOF XIII System Discussion Thread

Post by Toxic Avanger » Sun May 25, 2014 04:52

ChibixD wrote:Why cant you command grab after whiffed shen's 236LK even thou I'm in range? It doesn't make any sense to me

If the opponent tries to block the 236 LK, he enters in block stance, so, can't you throw someone who just entered in block stance?

I did some tests, and you can't throw after a whiffed j.LK too, maybe that blockstance thing was right
In KoF, there is this exception were you can't throw someone right away after they left a state where they can't be thrown (I don't remember how long, I think it was 8 frames of something). This applies to post blocking and post getting up (but not roll recovering). I think post getting hit also applies (you can't grab "every" frame of the hit animation).

So yeah, you have to link it with some space in between,it can't be done right away.

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Re: KOF XIII System Discussion Thread

Post by kadosho » Sat Aug 16, 2014 05:21

I just realised something with XIII vs USFIV, the technical hits = one another, but USFIV has trouble with timing and other issues, its bizarre as a few years old it may be it still holds its own in design. I have always felt that KOF had a more solid design. But SF really needs to up its game.

Not trying to cause an issue with it being a system thread. Just the design still amazes me, even still.

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