2k2 UM - Choi

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2k2 UM - Choi

Post by PenPen » Mon Nov 08, 2010 14:30


= Command Moves =
bk / fwd .B : Toorima Geri
- Avoids low attacks
- No other properties

= Special Moves =
flashkick .P : Tatsumaki Shippuu Zan
- A version goes up slightly, C verision goes forward a bit first before flying up really high
- Both are super cancellable
- Extremely unsafe if blocked/misses

QCB .P : Kaiten Hien Zan
- Choi rolls onto the opponent if he touches them while rolling forward
- After rolling up the opponent, A version will have him bounce forward from said opponent, C version will have him bounce backward
- Before latching onto the opponent, Choi can cancel this move into Kishuu Hien Zuki
- After jumping off the opponent, Choi can either execute Hishou Kyaku or Shin! Chouzetsu Rinkaiten Toppa before landing

.P during Kaiten Hien Zan: Kishuu Hien Zuki
- Only can be done while Choi is still rolling forward
- A button flies lower, C button flies higher and farther
- Knocks away opponent if connected

DP .K : Hien Zan
- Depending on standing location, second hit of D version may not connect on grounded opponents

Air qcf .K : Hishou Kyaku
- A version goes downwards more, C version goes around 45 degrees

sonicboom .P : Senpuu Hien Zashi
- Flies forward spinning
- Can change direction by doing Houkou Tenkan mid-move
- Directional change can be done for 3 times
- Juggles opponent

flashkick .K (chargeable): Hishou Kuuretsu Zan
- Flies backwards first until he hits the wall
- Holding the button will have Choi execute the forward spinning, if not held, Choi will just drop back to the ground when he hits the wall
- Can change direction by doing Houkou Tenkan mid-move
- Directional change can be done for 3 times
- Juggles opponent

Any direction + .A / .B / .C / .D during Senpuu Hien Zashi or Hishou Kuuretsu Zan: Houkou Tenkan
- Can be done for up to 3 times

= Desperation Moves =
HCB HCB .P : Shin! Chouzetsu Tatsumaki Shinkuu Zan
- Creates a tornado that goes at fullscreen height
- Knocks opponent into the air for juggle
- Choi can move forward or backward during this move
- Choi poses when the move is done

QCFHCB .K : Hou'ou Kyaku
- B version runs 3/4ths of fullscreen, D version runs fullscreen
- Comes out instantly

Air qcf qcf .P : Shin! Chouzetsu Rinkaiten Toppa
- A version flies straight down, C version flies 45 degrees down
- Bounces back at the end of the move regardless if it hits anyone
- Does huge damage

= Super Desperation Move =
QCFHCB .B .D : Hou'ou Kyaku
- Comes out instantly

= HSDM =
Air HCF HCF .A .C : Shakushi
- Choi disappears until the end of this move
- 5 slashes will appear one after another on screen on random locations
- Blockable but can crossup depending on the slash location
- Does not juggle, not even on counter

= Misc info =
- Due to his stature, Choi can avoid many moves that hit high
- Has wall jump
- Jump C is cancellable

= Starter Combos =
dwn .B -> .A -> QCFHCB .K or .B .D
dwn .C -> QCB .P -> .A (must be done quickly)
bk / fwd .B -> .A -> QCFHCB .K or .B .D
(corner) flashkick .P -> (SC) qcf qcf .C

= Advanced Combos =
Standing .D -> .B .C -> fwd fwd .A -> QCB .A -> Air qcf .B -> (SC) air qcf qcf .C

= Vids Corner =

Match vid (Choi is 3rd for 1P...around 2:30 and 6:25):

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