[MI2] "Wild Wolf" Terry Bogard

zomg it's THREE D!
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[MI2] "Wild Wolf" Terry Bogard

Post by SonicTempest » Wed Apr 26, 2006 19:29

He'll most likely have his movelists from the later KOFs (2003, XI).

I'm not a bot! :3
I'm not a bot! :3
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Post by syxx222 » Wed Nov 14, 2007 11:39

I don't play him but the japs think he is S tier. Some people wondered why because he is close to terry. Hmm... not really. Seems like his main attacks are

A,C, powercharge cancel

2A,C, powercharge cancel

overhead string, powercharge cancel

after powercharge cancel on hit, dash C,3C into whatever combo you want basicly. There are too many options. If you can master dash C,3C after power charge cancel, you can be a beast with WW

He is just too strong, because powercharge cancel is safe on block, may even give advantage. Plus the normal terry moves, like power wave, etc, the man is good in this game to say the least.

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