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Command list


fwd or bk + .C

fwd or bk + .D

Command normals

df + .D - Slide attack

Special moves

DP .B or .D - Trap shot - EX

qcf .B or .D (can be performed in air) - Venom strike - EX

HCB .B or .D - Tornado Kick - EX

Desperation moves

qcf 2X .A or .C - Double Strike

qcf 2X .B or .D - Surprise Rose - EX

Neo Max

QCB 2X .B + .D - Venom Shot

Console Changes
- (shown in video) Jump D stays out longer
- (shown in video) close C has faster startup
- (shown in video) D Venom Strike (air) has a smaller recoil
- far D has less lag
- (shown in video) Slide can be cancelled without being cancelled into

Producer Yamamoto says: We focused on her normals mainly. Although the number of changes are few, it will change gameplay significantly as normals are used most often. Her slide is a great low move and since her close HP {s.C} isn’t affected by scaling easily, please us it often as a combo starter.
Movelist Vid
KOF XIII King EX Move and Cancel Timing Guide Tutorial
Combo Guide by Robocop Two
So what can I say about King. She is quite a basic character but she is solid too so while you may well see her as a good beginners character to learn the game, she is stronger then the most basic so while there mught be character that you use to learn the game but then drop later on to get the wins, she isn't one of them. The strength of King is not her combos even though they are reasonable and easy, this helps you learn the game, the system and get wins early on. Her true strength is her zoning ability and so as you get better at the game, you will get better at zoning and you will continue to get wins.

Basic combos
Okay so King's basic combos are pretty easy and fairly similar (which is arecurring theme here) but these are the ones you need to learn to begin with.....

cr.B, st.B, df+D, hcb+B, st.C (far)

j.C, st.D, df+D, hcb+B, st.C (far)

King's starter combos are pretty easy to get into, the first maybe hard part is cr.B, st.B, df+D but in all honesty it just takes practice to go from crouching normals to standing normals and then back again. If you are finding this just too hard you can replace cr.B, st.B with cr.B, cr.A but the range is a little shorter so it is worth while learning the cr.B, st.B combo eventually. Additionally you may find it a little hard to connect the st.C (far) at the end of the combo, so a little pro tip here is delay the hcb+B just a couple of frames. df+D has alot of hit stun so if you delay the hcb+B you will travel a little further due to the slide and so you will be closer after the hcb+B and it will be easier to connect the st.C (far)

So what happens if you have some meter? How is it best spent?

cr.B, st.B, df+D, qcf+BD, hcb+D

j.C, st.D, df+D, qcf+BD, hcb+D

So the basic starter that you have learnt shows it's self again, but instead of going right into the hcb+B you do qcf+BD. qcf+BD is the EX version of King's fireball, it's fast, it does a bit more damage and most importantly for combos, it knocks down. Because the EX fireball knocks down you can follow it up with a range of moves but for now just try the hcb+D, but later on I will show you other things. Also just a little note of the move properties, you have to end the combo with hcb+D because hcb+B goes higher and starts a little bit slower, this is useful later on but right now it isn't important so just keep it in mind.

One other thing that you will notice about King is that ever her basic combos are pretty good at wall push so I thought I would give you her standard corner combos as wel.....

cr.B, st.B, df+D, hcb+B, dp+D

j.C, st.D, df+D, hcb+B, dp+D

Now these are pretty damn similar to the ones above, you shouldn't really have a problem with range as the push back is reduced from being in the corner so no delaying should be required to 'help out'. All you need to do is input the dp motion just after the second hit of the hcb+B so that as soon as you land you can hit the D button and connect with the dp+D.

So now that you have this first combo down, you should know some of the meter based corner stuff.....

cr.B, st.B, df+D, qcf+BD, qcf+B, hcb+D

j.C, st.D, df+D, qcf+BD, qcf+B, hcb+D

These combos are very similar to the mid-screen based versions, the only difference being that you can actually fit in a fireball after the EX fireball just to get a little more damage for being in the corner. Try out the mid-screen version first but once you have that one down, this should be really easy.

Intermediate Combos
Moving on to the Intermediate section I will be assuming people here can do all the beginner combos around 75-80% of the time and as long as you have put the practice in you can achieve this. But you have these combos down and you want to get better, have no fear the cop is here!

The set of combos I give you here are King's 2 super meter combos, these are mid-scren and when you don't have any Drive Meter to extend out your combos with so you are using your resources to get as much damage as possible.

cr.B, st.B, df+D, qcf+BD, qcf.qcf+D

j.C, st.D, df+D, qcf+BD, qcf.qcf+D

So the first part of this combo should be fairly familiar to you guys, as long as you can do the beginner combos you should be fine up until the super and all you really need to do is make sure you input the super accurately and use the D version (if you use the B version it doesn't always hit properly). If you are finding it hard take some time out to practice the super motion and then try performing the super motion carefully and accurately during the EX Fireball and you should be good to go.

Now these combos are a little tricky but if you remembered what I wrote in the beginner section you should be able to adapt quite easily to these combos.

cr.B, st.B, df+D, delayed dp+D, DC hcb+B, hcb+D

j.C, st.D, df+D, delayed dp+D, DC hcb+B, hcb+D

Once again the starters are the same but in these combos we are going to combo into the trap shot (dp+K) instead of the tornado kick (hcb+K). Now if you remember I said earlier that if you use df+D and delay your hcb+B you travel a little further before doing the tornado kick making comboing easier. This combo works on the same premise but that thedp+D HAS to be delayed, the dp+D does not have a large range so you have to delay it after the df+D or it just won't be in range but once you get a hang of delaying the dp+D that part of the combo should be easy. The next difficult spot would be the Drive Cancel, what you want to do is finish performing the hcb+B at the same point the dp+D connects so what I find easy is to start the hcb motion around the 3rd hit of the dp+D and just performing it at a casual pace so that I can keep it accurate and finish at the point the last hit connects.

Also, remember that I said the hcb+B and hcb+D are different and that the B version travels higher and is a little slower, well this is where this is important. You must always do those last 2 specials in the order I have given, you use the B version first because it travels higher and hits earlier this then gives you enough time to hit the D version which travels lower and is a bit quicker. If you were to try doing a different set of hcb+K then this combo just wouldn't work so remember, hcb+B then hcb+D

So now we have a slightly more damaging variation of the first combo in the intermediate section but for the corner. Just like other combos, because King has her opponent in the corner means they can't fly away when they're hit so these have an extra hit in there.....

cr.B, st.B, df+D, qcf+BD, qcf+B, qcf.qcf+B

j.C, st.D, df+D, qcf+BD, qcf+B, qcf.qcf+B

So you guys probably understand how this works and if you can do the first combo in this section, this one shouldn't be too hard, all you need to remember is to use the B version of the super in the corner, the D version travels too fast and so you often lose a hit as the opponent is juggled but because the B version of the super travels slower, it means that as the opponent is juggled off the first hit, they will fall and land on the second. As far as the fireball inbetween the EX move and the super goes, I believe both versions of the fireball work but that it's easier to use the B version but try experimenting with both if you find one type hard to connect with.

Advanced Combos
So here are the last few combos for King and I do believe these look quite classy.....

cr.B, st.B, df+D, hcb+B, dp+D, DC hcb+B, qcf+B, qcf.qcf+A

j.C, st.D, df+D, hcb+B, dp+D, DC hcb+B, qcf+B, qcf.qcf+A

now these combos are giong to be a bit of a mish mash of what you have already learnt and you are going to put them together and add something new on top. The start is from the beginners combos up until the dp+D, at which point you need to use some of your intermediate combo skills to Drive Cancel the last hit into a hcb+B. Once this hits you are looking to connect with a fireball (something you can already do if you have mastered the previous section) and then, instead of ending with the fireball super you want to end with the 'surprise rose' super but the only difference is that your pressing a Punch button instead of a Kick button.

So what happens if you have 2 meters and a drive cancel, you have the enemy backed into the corner and you have hit them, well I say go crazy on them.....

cr.B, st.B, df+D, hcb+B, dp+D, DC, hcb+B, hcb+D, qcf.qcf+AC

j.C, st.D, df+D, hcb+B, dp+D, DC, hcb+B, hcb+D, qcf.qcf+AC

This combo is not so different from the ones you have been performing but landing the lvl.2 'surprise rose' super (qcf.qcf+AC) is a little tricky but in essence, all you need to do is finish performing the qcf.qcf motions as soon as you land from the hcb+D. I believe the timing is probably best for you to try and find so that you can be most comfortable with it but I generally start the qcf.qcf motions while still in the air for the hcb+D kick.

So there you go guys and gals, King combos from jump in and low. They are fairly straight forward and they are great for learning the game with but if you have any problems, once again don't be affraid to ask me how to perform them or even theory fight on what might be possible.
Trial mode

King is up next and she can be a handful. Trial 6 is easily her toughest one, but more on that when we get to it.

1. Do hcf+B/D for the fireball cos doing qcf+B/D after df+D will come out as dp+B/D

3. Do DM as soon as you land

5. Cancel the fireball into DM straight away, so it should be like qcf+B/D~qcf+A/C

6. This trial has you testing your execution skills, in terms of timing and spacing.

The first df+D you have delay the qcf+B/D. If you dont delay or you delay too much the dp+B/D will whiff.

The timing of the DM after hcb+B is tricky also as you have to hit Takuma as high as possible so dp+BD will hit. I dont know if there is a way to get it to work once you land, but from all my testing I had to delay it one way or the other. Both fireballs have to hit to get the dp+BD to connect.

Once you get the hang of that, the next hard part is connecting the 2x fireballs after qcf+BD. If you are slightly out of corner, connecting them is fine but the dp+BD pushes you right into the corner, so you have to delay the frist qcf+B to hit as high as possible, then the rest comes out as normal. If there is a way to make it so it just follows after qcf+BD, then I dont know how to do it.

7. Delay the hcf+B as much as possible so that dp+BD will connect. The rest of the combo is straight forward.

9. Combo is straight forward, remember to let the hcb+D hit twice before doing air qcf+BD and after that you have to run to connect the dp+B/D.

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Re: KOF XIII: King

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Arcadia combos:
[ dwn .B , stand .B ] or close .D , df .D , HCB .D or [ HCB .B , DP .B , drive cancel HCB .B , HCB .D , EX Surprise Rose, ( qcf qcf .A .C ,corner only)]
(Close to corner only) Close .D , df .D , HCB .D , drive cancel air EX qcf .B .D , land, qcf .D , HCB .D (1st hit), drive cancel air EX qcf .B .D , land qcf .D , HCB .D , EX Surprise Rose

HD combo:
dwn .B x2, stand .B , df .D , HD mode activate, close .D , df .D , HCB .D , drive cancel air EX qcf .B .D , (opponent at corner), dash, [ DP .D , drive cancel HCB .B ] x3, HD mode ends, HCB .D , EX Surprise Rose. Damage 733, 3 stock.

Can kara cancel stand .B / dwn .C into df .D , which makes the slide cancellable if it connects.

EX Trap Shot ( DP .B .D ) has invulnerability, recommend that or Surprise Rose for anti air.

Notes from me:
Slide has a looong window for cancelling, to get trap shot to hit after slide you will often need to delay inputting trap shot.
Trap shot, drive cancel HCB .B , HCB .D is nice, especially if you have stock for EX Surprise rose after that.

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Re: KOF XIII: King

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Some King guide written by Professor @ MMCafe

http://www.mmcafe.com/etc/kof13/king.html" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

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Re: KOF XIII: King

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Combos by the Prof

Is it a bot?
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Re: KOF XIII: King

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Looks like the de facto leader of main team is still strong

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Re: KOF XIII: King

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This is a very interesting vid

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Re: KOF XIII: King v0.3

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Okay, just updated stuff here for King, hope you enjoy.

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Re: KOF XIII: King

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I'm surprised they change the power behind some of her moves. Several main stays were minimized, yet her DM's still pack a punch.
But her flash kick was broken down to a few hits, hmm wonder why they changed that.

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Re: KOF XIII: King

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added console changes and movelist vid to first post

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Re: KOF XIII: King

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Update first post with trial mode vid.

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