King of Fighter Guides for beginners??

Guides / FAQs / Tutorials with Videos per character for Tougeki Arcade/ 360, Ps2 and Neogeo
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King of Fighter Guides for beginners??

Post by Daikath » Fri Mar 09, 2012 21:18

My dreamcast had the random reboot problem, but I finally managed to fix it after I found a youtube video explaining how. I only dabbled in KOF 2002 before, but I was amazed at how enthousiastic I was for my old Dreamcast. I loved it much more then any recent console. So I will look for an arcade stick or two soon and just finally become an expert at this classic 2d fighter.

I love these videos to teach KOF style in general and not a specific movelist (as seen on

They are very informative, but as I looked on ebay for a guide, I gawked with amazement at this auction. ... 336664c813

Such detail and I assume it is more then a move list but also general tactics and how KOF really works. Something a beginner could take and actually use to become really good at it, and not just be thrown into the deep end without a life preserver.

Does anyone know of such an extensive guide in english a beginner could read to become familiar with the intricacies of KOF? From what I've heard it goes way deeper then Street Fighter, which is good. But I'd like to know where to start.

Those videos really opened my eyes and I'd love to learn more.

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