2k2 UM - Mai

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2k2 UM - Mai

Post by PenPen » Mon Nov 08, 2010 14:31

She bouncy.

= Command Moves =
fwd .B : Benitsuru no Mai
- Overhead unless cancelled into
- Avoids low attacks

df .B : Koku'en no Mai
- First hit is low regardless if it's cancelled into or not
- First hit is cancellable if it's cancelled into, otherwise cannot cancel into other moves

Air dwn .A : Dairin Fuusha Otoshi
- Hard knockdown on air-to-air
- Can do this while backstepping for extra distance
- Cancellable into other moves

Air dwn .B : Ukihane
- Overhead
- Hard knockdown

Air dwn .D : Yusura Ume
- Overhead
- Knocks away opponent
- If blocked, she'll bounce back

= Special Moves =
qcf .P : Kachou Sen
- Standard fare projectile

HCF .K : Hissatsu Shinobi Bachi
- B version goes around 3/4ths of a fullscreen, D version goes around fullscreen

QCB .B : Sayo Chidori
- Cancellable into Ryuu Enbu

QCB .P : Ryuu Enbu
- A version does 1 hit, C version does 2
- C version super cancellable on first hit

Air QCB .P : Musasabi no Mai (Kuuchuu)
- C version goes farther forward

flashkick .P (chargeable) : Musasabi no Mai (Chijou)
- Jumps back to wall first
- If keep on holding .P after wallbounce , Mai will do Musasabi no Mai (Kuuchuu)
- If released before wallbounce, Mai will jump towards the opponent
- Depending on jumping position and opponent position, Mai may change directions midair
- She has 3 followups after wallbounce
- When doing the followups after a crossover jump wit this, Mai will change direction with that move

dwn .P after Musasabi no Mai (Chijou) wallbounce: Yusura Ume
- Overhead
- Knocks away opponent
- If blocked, she'll bounce back

dwn .K after Musasabi no Mai (Chijou) wallbounce: Ukihane
- Overhead
- Hard knockdown

(close) dwn .D after Musasabi no Mai (Chijou) wallbounce: Toki Tsubute
- Close range grab move, can grab airborne opponents
- Can only be done if Mai is close to the opponent
- Will not come out when opponent is already blocking (Ukihane will probably come out instead)

QCB .D (x4): Midare Kachouse
- Must do input really fast or else the next part won't come out

= Desperation Moves =
qcf qcf .P : Hana Arashi
- Comes out extremely fast
- Travels fullscreen regardless of button used
- Last hit is hard knockdown

QCBHCF .K : Chou Hissatsu Shinobi Bachi
- D version goes slightly farther than B version

= Super Desperation Move =
QCBHCF .B .D : Chou Hissatsu Shinobi Bachi
- Invincibility on startup

= HSDM =
QCBHCF .A .C : Shiranui-ryuu: Kubi no Kitsune
- Unblockable
- Does not hit airborne opponents
- May have a low random chance of doing her leotard version of this super, which can OTG

= Misc info =
- Can wall jump
- fwd .B can link to dwn .C
- .C .D can avoid low attacks

= Starter Combos =
dwn .C -> df .B (1 hit) -> ( QCB .B -> QCB .P ) or HCF .B or QCBHCF .K or .B .D
fwd .B -> dwn .C -> QCBHCF .K or .B .D
dwn .B -> close .B -> QCB .D x4

= Advanced Combos =
Close .C -> df .B (1 hit) -> .B .D -> fwd fwd .C -> df .B (1 hit) -> QCB .B or QCB .D x3 -> HCF .B (1 hit)-> QCB .C (1 hit) -> (SC) any DM/SDM

= Vids Section =

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