2k2 UM - Chang

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2k2 UM - Chang

Post by PenPen » Mon Nov 08, 2010 14:30


= Command Moves =

df .A : Hiki Nige
- Forward slide, hits low regardless if cancelled into

= Special Moves =
.P .P .P : Tekkyuu Dai Kaiten
- Chang can move around while spinning
- Negates projectiles
- Can stop spinning by pressing .A .B .C .D
- C version stays out for a longer time if you don't stop Chang from spinning
- Can cancel mid-move into Tekkyuu Funsai Geki by inputting QCB .P , that move will be different depending on your button input

sonicboom .P or QCB .P during Tekkyuu Dai Kaiten: Tekkyuu Funsai Geki
- Hard knock away move
- Has autoguard while he's facing backwards
- C version has a longer charge time, but he goes farther
- Additional the starting frames of the spinning ball while charging, in the C version, can deal damage if the opponent touches it

dwn dwn .K : Haki Kyaku
- Fullscreen low attack
- Must be blocked low or avoided by jumping
- When done up close, causes hard knockdown on hit
- Super cancellable (wut)

HCF .K : Tekkyuu Taiko Uchi
- A counter move
- Active counter frames are while he's picking his nose
- Only counters high and mid attacks, most low attacks will hit him (aside from higher ones eg Terry's dwn .D )
- Normal result would be an extremely low damage knock away
- Randomly, quite unlikely you will get the 'buffed-up' version of the counter when he does a dramatic sneeze and falls to the ground, causing the opponent to be knocked off with major damage

HCBFWD .P : Dai Hakai Nage
- Close range grab

= Desperation Moves =
QCFHCB .P : Tekkyuu Dai Bousou
- Catches airborne opponents
- Random finisher
- Slow to come out
- Finisher with his close B animation is a juggle

qcf qcf .P : Tekkyuu Dai Assatsu
- A version flies up immediately, C version runs forward for about halfscreen before flying up
- Invincibility on startup
- Falling down part is an overhead, has autoguard
- End of the move can OTG if hit correctly

qcf qcf .K : Tekkyuu Dai Bokusatsu
- First and second hit are overhead, also OTG
- If the first hit misses or is blocked, Chang only does 1 more hit, if the first hit connects, the rest of the move will follow
- If it hits correctly on OTG, the opponent will be brought back to standing position

= Super Desperation Moves =
qcf qcf .A .C : Tekkyuu Dai Assatsu
- Flies up immediately
- Invincibility on startup
- Falling down part has autoguard
- Hits low upon landing

= HSDM =
.B , .A , .C , .A : Tekkyuu Dai Sekai
- Channels his inner Dio to stop time
- Does a little dance for a few seconds before actually stopping time
- Dancing is NOT invincible now
- Unblockable, air opponents will be dragged down to the ground
- When time is stopped, opponent enters hitstun for a short while
- You can do pretty much anything while the opponent is in hitstun, moves that knock down or away loses their properties here
- The move ends when Chang has done enough damage or it lasted long enough
- Max damage capped for this move is approx 25% off a full lifebar
- No power bar is gained for either side while this move is running
- Opponent cannot recovery roll at the end of this move

= Misc info =
- Far .C and low .D can miss characters that are up close
- Far .A and .C will miss most crouchers
- Combo magnet

= Starter Combos =
dwn .A (x2) -> .P .P .P
(close only) dwn dwn .K -> (SC) qcf qcf .K
Close .A / .B / .D -> HCBFWD .P

= Advanced Combos =
(must not be close to corner) HCBFWD .P -> .B , .A , .C , .A
QCFHCB .P close B finisher (appears randomly) -> .P .P .P or qcf qcf .P or .A .C
.B , .A , .C , .A -> whatever -> find some way to get close to opponent before HSDM ends -> qcf qcf .K (OTG)
(combination of above combos) HCBFWD .P -> .B , .A , .C , .A -> (timestop) -> jump .C x2 -> dwn .C -> .P .P .P -> .A .B .C .D -> crossover jump .D -> backward jump -> (timestop ends) -> qcf qcf .K (OTG) - See below vid for a similar combo

= Vids Section =
Match vid (Chang straighted the other team wtf):

Match vid (actual match starts at 1:36):



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