2k2 UM - Kim

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2k2 UM - Kim

Post by PenPen » Mon Nov 08, 2010 14:29

Super wavy pants go! For justice! :kim:

= Command Moves =
fwd .B : Neri Chagi
- Overhead unless cancelled into
- If cancelled into, becomes 2 hitter, both hits are cancellable, but loses overhead property
- Cannot connect from anything

= Special Moves =
QCB .P x3: Sanren Geki
- First input of punch button determines the finisher of the chain
- A version ends with overhead attack, can connect from the second hit
- C version ends with flying double kick, connects from second hit
- Both enders are super cancellable
- After first hit, has alternate followup Sankuu Kyaku

uf .K -> dwn .K after first hit of Sanren Geki: Sankuu Kyaku
- First hit of this is super cancellable
- Second hit is an overhead and hard knockdown

QCB .K : Hangetsu Zan
- B version goes short rage, D version goes around halfscreen
- B version normally super cancellable, D version only super cancellable in max mode (can also cancel into SDM Kuuchuu Hou'ou Kyaku while he's in midair)

Air qcf .K : Hishou Kyaku
- Bounces back if blocked or not
- Can follow with Tsuika Kougeki

.D after Hishou Kyaku: Tsuika Kougeki
- Can be done if blocked or not
- Can push back farther if done early on block
- Can actually hit airborne opponents after Hishou Kyaku connects in the corner if done early

flashkick .K : Hien Zan
- D version super cancellable
- D version will not bring a crouching opponent into the air
- D version has a followup Tenshou Zan

dwn .D during .D version Hien Zan: Tenshou Zan
- Hard knockdown

dwn dwn .K : Haki Kyaku
- Hits low
- B version is super cancellable
- B version has a feature where if you don't have enough stock to super cancel (ie. less than 2 stocks), you can do the Hou'ou Kyaku input and Kim will cancel this move. If successful, Kim will flash in white (see last vid for examples)
- D version is hard knockdown, not super cancellable

= Desperation Moves =
qcf qcf .K : Hou'ou Hiten Kyaku
- Juggles opponent
- B version launches opponent slightly forward, D version just launches vertically
- Very fast

QCB db fwd .K : Hou'ou Kyaku
- Catches airborne opponents
- B version travels around 3/4ths of fullscreen, D version travels fullscreen

= Super Desperation Moves =
QCB db fwd .B .D : Kuuchuu Hou'ou Kyaku
- Catches airborne opponents (obviously)
- Flies an extremely long distance

= HSDM =
QCB db fwd .A .B .C .D : Zero Kyori Hou'ou Kyaku
- Short distance unblockable travelling grab move
- Does not catch airborne opponents
- If opponent is already blocking, this move will not connect (eg. blocked low A into Zero Kyori Hou'ou Kyaku will miss)
- Ends with a phoenix and a nodding approval

= Misc info =
- None other than his super wavy pants

= Starter Combos =
dwn .B (x2) or close .C or dwn .A -> QCB .P -> uf .K -> dwn .K
dwn .B or dwn .A -> QCB .C x3 -> (SC) QCB db fwd .B .D
dwn .B -> flashkick .D -> dwn .D
dwn .B -> qcf qcf .K
qcf qcf .K -> flashkick .D -> dwn .D (best damage) or super

= Advanced Combos =
Close .C -> .B .C -> fwd fwd close .C -> QCB .A x3 -> QCB .D -> air SC QCB db fwd .B .D
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= Vids Section =
Instead of combos (there's so many of them), how about some match vids instead? Here's 2 with the infamous Kim user 777.

Here's one as well, check out the dwn dwn .K cancelling.

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Re: 2k2 UM - Kim

Post by Dr.Faust » Thu Dec 23, 2010 06:13

some Super combos
qcf qcf .K - QCB db fwd .K about 30% HP
qcf qcf .K up- QCB db fwd .A .B about 50% HP :kim:

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