Guides / FAQs / Tutorials with Videos per character for Tougeki Arcade/ 360, Ps2 and Neogeo
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Almost there! ...52%
Almost there! ...52%
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Post by Iie-Kyo » Fri Oct 10, 2008 18:53

Alright faggots, looks like they made me a mod of this forum. I'll keep things simple.

Keep gameplay discussion in the gameplay threads. If you wanna talk about the length of Iori's penis or whether or not Bao is a transvestite, keep that shit to its OWN thread. Do not clutter the gameplay threads with fanboy shit. You can make topics ABOUT the length of Iori's penis, for example, but don't post that shit in the 2k2 UM Gameplay discussion thread, k?

Oh and please keep the UR A FAGET AND DON'T KNOW SHIT ABOUT THIS GAEM comments to yourself. If you're going to be discussing gameplay, please be as civilized as possible. If you wanna flame others, PM them or do it in the Stupid Room.

Now GO!

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