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TRF Nakano (Japan) Matches

Posted: Mon Feb 13, 2012 00:13
by Toxic Avanger
If you are a sucker for asian gameplay, then news to you is that TRF Nakano is one of the most actives arcades when it comes to holding 98 tournaments and over all SNK play. For 98 they usually host something like 2 to 3 tournaments a month for several months straight, sometimes even more if it the players are preparing for an event, so that's that. Each tournament is pretty much completely uploaded and thus we have that every update from them usually means 2+ hours of gameplay.

Sometimes Dune drops by, but when he mostly he mostly acts as a MC rather than a participants, some other guys From Duelling pop up frequently on their events, so that's that (Like Shingo, Futase, Naruto and others).

There is a playlist that is hopely, frequently updated (at least once a week), so if you care for TRF keeping it within your napkin will do you good. The playlist also has a bunch of 777 gameplay, so that's that.

Player lists are within the description of the videos when applicable.