Kof 98 Match Analysis

The best of 98 matches: tournament, international, online and in yer face
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Kof 98 Match Analysis

Post by Dark_Chaotix » Thu Sep 01, 2011 12:50

Srk member Laban has started to make some kof gaming analysis from pro matches. Most of this would be good for 98 / 2k2 but I doubt it would be xiii. If you still interested in the game be good to brush up on your knowledge. Ive check the vids and he is pretty spot on with what is happening. I give credit for taking the time to do it...

Update more if i see them

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Re: Kof 98 Match Analysis

Post by Toxic Avanger » Mon Aug 05, 2013 18:17

Dunno where to post this, but might as well.....

Basically, during Evo there it was this famous "event" where one of the Mexican players started boasting that he was "the best at 98", that Xiaohai "can't hold a candle to him" and etc and etc; while some other guy of the team was like "don't joke around, you can't speak about Xiaohai like that, he is the God of 98". While that was going on, another of the guys of the Mexican team sneaked out the room and quietly brought Xiaohai for some money matches... And can you guess what happens? Of course, Xiaohai owned the whole room using a single hand and barely having to use more than one character (only once he had to use his third character, and it was vs Zero Black (who isn't Mexican, btw)).

Here is a recording of some of those events.

"No mames wn" :lol:

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