DCHURATA vs Yamata

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DCHURATA vs Yamata

Post by Gunsmith » Mon Jun 02, 2008 15:13

Obviously after getting beat by lag/busterwolf, DCH is pissed.

Unlike the night before when he was merely pissed, now he's pissed off.

Yamata says 'DCH is not good, I beat him last night'

but he was drunk... so... after much jolly banter, okay... FIGHT!

Due to lag and the stupid room not actually updating properly, plus the fact that they had not actually told me they had started, I managed to stalk the end of the best of three contest.


after winning 3-0, they played one more which DCH said was a friendly gift, while Yamata said that made the score 2-1.... hey I don't know, but gg!


it's lots of fun on ggpo these days, stay tuned for more LOLcat pics and guitar videos etc

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