DCHURATA vs Busterwolf

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DCHURATA vs Busterwolf

Post by Gunsmith » Mon Jun 02, 2008 15:06

So, I was hanging around ggpo having a few games when this guy turns up. After I beat him once, he gets his shizzle together and starts hammering on me with Terry. I cannot for the life of me figure out why I'm getting bare knuckled to death. Well, I have done it a bit with normal terry, but Busterwolf uses EX Terry and if the safe tick damage with bare knuckle wasn't annoying enough, if he hits you with C, say goodbye to a third of your bar, without even using a DM.... funny we forgot about that...

Anywho, Busterwolf quits after winning 3 matches, much to my disdain. Yamata gets the same treatment. We are quite annoyed. I start making noise :3 and DCH comes in. DCH has bad ping, but gives it a try. Obviously after losing, won't quit, just like the rest of us. You will see in the vid it's obviously lag causing DCH to mess up, but that doesn't mean Busterwolf is a bad player.

Have a look anyway at this interesting Terry


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