[Regulation A] Xiao Lon

zomg it's THREE D!
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[Regulation A] Xiao Lon

Post by SonicTempest » Sat Sep 08, 2007 19:02

From what I tried out, she has three stances - standard stance, a mid-range stance and a long-range stance. (accessed by pressing d,d+A, d,d+B and d,d+C I think)

Didn't play with her much, but judging from match videos she seems...a little too good.

I'm not a bot! :3
I'm not a bot! :3
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Post by syxx222 » Wed Nov 14, 2007 11:30

There's definately more combos than this, but i'll post some basic ones to get you started, you can learn more by watching match and combo vids though:

Using numpad notation to make things easier btw

starting with A stance:

AAABCD>lvl 1 super (can be done out of any hit in the string though)

AAAB>236A>236A>236A>lvl 1

starting with B stance:


236B>236D>236B>623C>22A>2D,D>421D>lvl 1 super

236B>236B>236B> then 2B>214C, and adition reps of 2B>214C if you are fast enough

easier version of the above combo would be


236B>236D>236B>2D,D>lvl 1 super

getting more flashy....

B,B,D>22C>2C>63214C>623C>22B>623C>22C>2C>63214C>lvl 1 super

C stance:

2DD6C>623C>22A>2DD>421D>C>lvl 1 super

There's more but these are the basics.

The important thing to keep in mind is that almost all her specials are unsafe on block so it's important when in B stance to hit confirm A,C and 2BB and then start doing one of her 3 hit strings, and if it's blocked either stop or do 214A or 214C.

You'll be playing in A or B stance most of the time, but you'll want to try to move to B stance asap. A stance is ok because of jumping CD is really good but her basic string starting with AAA has poor range and a ducking or far away opponent can get out of the string inadvertenly and hit you out of your attacks.

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