Sabaki Fights

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Sabaki Fights

Post by Iie-Kyo » Mon Sep 03, 2007 00:32

We all know how stupid the Sabaki system is (at least versus the computer), so here's how you deal with it.

When you get Sabaki'd, you have a split window of opportunity to cancel the "stunned" animation your character does with one of several things:
1) Your own Sabaki
2) Guard Cancel AB Roll (costs 1 stock)
3) CD Counter (costs 1 stock and 1/2 your guard bar)
4) Nothing and take the hit like a man

When you Sabaki someone, you have the following options at your disposal.
1) Throw the opponent
2) Normal attack (you CANNOT do a special attack after you Sabaki someone, it HAS to be a normal)
3) Use a feint attack
4) Do your followup normal attack to the Sabaki later
5) Nothing

Obviously, the person who connects with the Sabaki has better options. The Guard Cancel AB Roll and CD Counter can be baited by the person doing the Sabaki, the former by doing nothing and running after the person after they guard cancel roll, and the latter by doing nothing and to remain blocking.

* You can even go into another Sabaki to Sabaki the CD Counter, which starts the thing all over again.

* You can also use your normal throw to grab their anti-Sabaki attempt, or a feint attack to bait their retaliatory Sabaki.

* Remember, if they Sabaki and whiff and you immediately attack after their Sabaki animation is ending, your next attack will be a counter hit (the penalty for missing the Sabaki). If you can bait someone into doing a Sabaki you can cause moves such as Ryo's QCF x 2 + C to do HEAVY damage through this.

More to come later.

I'm not a bot! :3
I'm not a bot! :3
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Post by syxx222 » Wed Nov 14, 2007 11:34

The best options after sabaki are to mix up punch and kick throws (if you get stuck on one, it'll get broken every time) or a jump attack. Second would be to do a string starting with an overhead as a person fearing an immediate retaliation will sabaki low. Sidestep and attacking after sabiki can also throw people off.

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