[MI2]Ryo Sakazaki

zomg it's THREE D!
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[MI2]Ryo Sakazaki

Post by SonicTempest » Wed Apr 26, 2006 15:08

Featuring the return of his autocombo move from '98!


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Post by Violent Ryo » Thu Apr 27, 2006 11:53

Don't have the game yet, but some strats from Shirakani @ Cyberfanatix.com.
Shirakani :
Ryo benifits greatly from being able to cancel off a single stand C, this allows most if not all of his 2d gameplay.

Abuse Me(tm) chain = b+C,C,C,C,C, cancel into specials anytime after 3rd C (this is the one you see in all the vids). Ryo does a whole bunch of body uppers, into a short upper that knocks up, jugglable after. Having to hold back is useful if you manage to parry your opponent, you can immediately combo from a good position.

Supercancellable moves = Ko'ou-ken, Zanretsuken, Mouko Raijinsetsu and a new move that's a dashing long upper.

Mouko Raijinsetsu still OTG's...

New DM is Marco's super rising Kohou. Tenchi Haohken doesn't stun, but it does MASSIVE damage and supercancels easily from any of the above.

He hasn't changed THAT much from MI1, coz arguably in MI1 he was the most complete char with THREE DM's...Most of the changes were to his stylish chains, of which i don't really use so i can't talk that much on them.

Shirakani :
Command attacks
d d+D (Kim type stomp)
f f+C (teh FIST to ur FAEC!)
f+B (high parry)
df+B (low parry)

Ko'ou-ken (SC) = qcf+P
Kohou = dp+P
Zanretsuken (SC) = f,b,f+P
Mouko Raijinsetsu (SC) = qcf+K
Koho Shippuken (SC) = hcb+P
Hien Shippukyaku = hcb+K
-> Tsuika Kougeki (SC) = hcb+D after strong Hien Shippukyaku
Mouko Raijingou (SC) = dp+P
-> Kohou = dp+C after strong Mouko Raijingou
Kyokugenryu Renbuken = f,hcf+K when close (old command renbu from 98 returns)

Chou Hissatsuwaza
*Haohshokoken = f,hcf+A
**Ryuukoranbu = qcf,hcb+C
**Ryuuko Buraiken = qcf 2x+K (i think that's the name)
***Tenchi Haohken = qcf 2x+C

Stylish Arts
A A A C f+C b+C
f+B (parry) B D (if parried)
f+B df+B f+B df+B
df+B (parry) C C (if parried)
df+B f+B df+B f+B
b+B b+B b+B
b+B b+B f+C
b+B D D d+D
C C b+C
C f+C
f+C C f+C
b+C C C C (abuse this one)
b+C C C f+C (or this, it tends to come out if you're trying to combo to the zanretsuken)
f b+C C
f+D d+B D
f+D d+B d+D
f+D d+D
f+D db+D

Would you like fries with that? Oh, and fallenangelryo, your cue to orgasm now ;)

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