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Post by Fat Cat Lim » Tue Sep 06, 2016 10:08

I'm surprised nobody created a topic for her! OMG

Quite solid character all around. I like using her as she has a decent set of normals. Her far C is a nice meaty poke, and her sweep range isn't too bad either. I always use her far dwn C to string into her (QCB P) x3 Ryusougeki. Just be careful about cancelling the last hit to her Seiryutenmei Climax Move - it doesn't connect. Only the 2nd hit connects.

Her QCF A/C Hienryuken is an anti-air but I don't ever use it unless by accident. :P

Sometimes after a blocked 2nd hit of her Ryusougeki, I cancel it and do a QCF B Ryusenshu to catch opponents off guard when they try to punish the blocked move. Risky though.

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