KOF XIV-Sylvie Paula Paula

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KOF XIV-Sylvie Paula Paula

Post by Yuki Yagami » Fri Mar 18, 2016 15:36

SNK's Kyary Pamyu Pamyu





Desperation Moves

Climax Desperation Move

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Re: KOF XIV-Sylvie Paula Paula

Post by Toxic Avanger » Thu Jul 21, 2016 14:44

So, since popular vote demanded it, I decided to put aside the Dino for a few days when playing with some of my beginner friends, and naturally moved in to this one.... And oh boy, I can no longer complain that Dino is weak.

It feels that SNK didn't really know what to do with her, her special moves don't really mesh too well. Her offense is not super strong, and it's the best when it's focused on weak kicks (since you can't basically improvise with the jabs nor the strong attacks); and her jump is too floaty and doesn't really has any sharp angle attack nor strong cross overs, so it's easy to stop it if you try to abuse it.

Her defense isn't particulary strong either, her invincible DM is very slow to come out and does paltry damage, and her shoryuken has poor range and the invincibility time is rather short, making it quite stressing to use consecutively.... So you basically have to switch between defense and defense constantily, since you are not particularly strong on any of those grounds.....

It does look like she has some strong combos, and it feels like she might work if you can get your execution up to speak; but the weakness of lack of range and movility sure hurt when it counts, specially when there are guys like Kyo / Iori / Shun'ei who can basically fly however they please through the screen doing just whatever and having that leading to combos, DMs and cake; meh.

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Re: KOF XIV-Sylvie Paula Paula

Post by TamaYak » Fri Jul 22, 2016 05:19

c hcb a

down b stand a forward a hcf a kick super

theres a weird thing in the corner if u go forward a stand a (either hcf a then a I forgot)cancel to hcfhcf a sylvie does the punch super

Dont know of anything else apart from neomax (far) hcfhcf b (scratch that desk and persona combo vids cover it)

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