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Posted: Fri Mar 18, 2016 15:31
by Yuki Yagami
*stretches like a cat*
Omoshiroi, Yarouka.




Mayhem - qcb .P
_Splash - qcf .P (?)
Gorefest - HCB fwd .P
Deicide - HCF .K

Desperation Moves
Negative Gain - HCB HCB .K

Climax Desperation Move

Re: KOF XIV-Vice

Posted: Thu Aug 25, 2016 07:28
by Toxic Avanger
Like 95% of the cast, she has been atrociously nerfed compared to XIII. She did end up on the better side of things (not like Clark, Chin or Maxima, I almost teared up with those ones).

- Far D doesn't hit crouchers, crouching D no longer advances, crouching & far B can no longer be cancelled; jump B no longer cross overs. Except for your old crouching C being so stupidly good that it will turn off the console on each use, her normal game is much weaker than before.
- Unlike Dokken, it's pretty much impossible to hit confirm Monstrosity into a super cancel or Max activation, time to waste bar randomly, urgh.
- Gorefest was nerfed, it's damn hard to do ambiguos roll from it now, and if she has a safe jump from the move, it's done differently..... and you obviously can't cross over after it since that's gone. At least it has a decent throw range, one of the very few grabs in the game to have it.
- Decide was nerfed, is actually now quite easy to short jump (and most fireballs can't be easily short jumped, also a pretty damn big nerf to Vice). You can no longer reset from Decide; the grab animation will miss, leaving you open for combo--- this is a MAJOR annoyance that kills your main strategical side + it gets you into BIG problems if you mess the timming for the input.
- C Mayhem doesn't have uper body invincibility, EX mayhem doesn't have invincibilty, so she now literally has 0 defensive options outside running away with your normals. Also, far range C mayhem doesn't allow normal attacks to land anymore; additionally that max distance C Mayhem is still pretty damn safe, and still punishable by command throws; though since you have no invincibility on anything, it's absolutely pointless.
- Splash is weak as always, and EX splash was nerfed; you can no longer super cancel it and the invincibility window is too damn short. You'll probably dodge a crouching B, but get stuffed with a crouching A if the enemy does those two; most strong attacks will nail you since they stay active much more than your invincibility window.
- Doing anti air A -> Max mode -> EX Decide is pretty damn hard if you are not mentally prepared beforehand. Again, with no super cancel, it's completely pointless.
- DMs sort of work the same, but since you don't have pretty much anything else to burn gauges in, you'll see them way more than in XIII. EX Overkill hurts decently, which is a big change from regular Overkill which is weak for a DM. Negative gain has a DEGENERATE RANGE, it outranges your crouching B, and it will surely do so with the opponent's attacks.

Butter and Bread :
- cr B -> cr A -> qcb A, qcf A.
+ It's easy for the jab to miss if you do 2 kicks, so stick to one; like in XIII you can add a super cancel overkill at the end, and like in XIII that's the last thing you should be doing with your gauges. Additionally, you can still do 4 weak attacks if you are quick, but it's useless since the Max mode activation will be too far away and you can't cancel far B anyway.

- cls D -> fwd A -> qcb C , qcf C
+ You'll be seeing this A LOT, fwd A has very little range on this game; so train yourself really well to recognize when Monstrosity will miss so that you can omit it.

And that's pretty much it outside Ex mode. You need to be all about the activations & EXes.

** SNK put a variable on the EX decide, and you can't OTG with it twice in a combo; that basically kills any creativity that you were hoping to be there before the touching game **

- Anti air jab -> Max Mode -> hcf BD -> cls D -> fwd A -> qcb AC -> qcb A, qcf A
+ Hurts quite decently for a bar and plenty of pay off for a natural reaction; though it's hard to improvise the combo into something else. If you want to end this with a DM it will depend of Vice's position.....

- Anti air jab -> Max Mode -> hcf BD -> cls D -> fwd A -> qcb C , qcf A -> overkill
+ Simple 2 gauge version of the previous one, there is probably more complex versions.

- cls D -> fwd A -> Max Mode -> cls D -> fwd A -> qcb AC -> cr D -> hcf BD -> cls D -> fwd A -> qcb C, qcf A
+ Obscene damage for one gauge. Overall pretty easy, the only two "drop points" are in the inital activation (be sure to let Vice run the mile when you Max); and learning how to do the Decide after the sweep. I actually find difficult doing cls D and OTG EX Decide now, compared to doing the sweep instead, that has no timming whatsover.

- cls D -> fwd A -> Max Mode -> cls D -> fwd A -> qcb AC -> cr D -> hcf BD -> cls D -> fwd A -> Max Mode -> cls D -> fwd A -> qcb AC -> qcb A, qcf A -> overkill
+ Doble MAX mode and pretty good damage, 3 gauge version of the previous combo. Works if you are in the first and second position (as a 3rd, the Max gauge won't run off in time for the second BC). If it wasn't for the EX Decide nerf, this will be a several activations in a combo recipe.

- cls D -> fwd A -> Max Mode -> cls D -> fwd A -> qcb AC -> cr D -> hcf BD -> cls D -> qcb C -> Climax
+ A 3 gauge version of the previous combo for the last possition. Hurts relatively the same than the previous guy.

- cls D -> fwd A -> Max Mode -> cls D -> fwd A -> qcb AC -> cr D -> hcf BD -> cls D -> fwd A -> EX negative gain -> Climax
+ The only 5 bar combo that I have bothered to discover and I actually did so while writting this. Vice can't Climax cancel anything but her EX negative gain and can't Super Climax Cancel anything but the Mayhem, that royaly screws her combo possiblities.

edit : I was playing around with it last night, but you can loop Vice's EX Decide with that OTG bug; that well known bug where you invalid roll recovery; you can also void repetition restrictions on moves.... Pain in the ass since it seem like you have like 1 frame to catch the enemy. The bug can be done from knock down (mayhem -> sweep) or from a regular air hit (mayhem -> close standing D).

Re: KOF XIV-Vice

Posted: Mon Sep 05, 2016 10:08
by Fat Cat Lim
I've been using Vice a lot and yeah, she's been nerfed a lot. Her far D tends to miss a lot of crouching characters, and her sweep isn't that great. Light version of her Mayhem is easily punished, so I just avoid doing it if opponent blocks my first attack. It's very hard to put pressure on opponents using Vice.

Re: KOF XIV-Vice

Posted: Mon Sep 05, 2016 11:16
by Dark_Chaotix
Agreed, it really takes decent skill and patience to get into. All her good tools are gone to what was a upper mid tier character from XIII. MIght as well kept that stun combo just so she can compete, hell, she can't even sD BC CD like everyone else.

Not being able to cancel her super into another in just stupid, while everyone else can.

Re: KOF XIV-Vice

Posted: Wed Oct 19, 2016 05:07
by Toxic Avanger
So, DM & Ex DM damage changed (notes says increase, but I think they got nerfed). Climax damage also changed.
You have more to cancel anything the strong atacks.
Apparently, they made sure that you won't be able to repeat EX decide on combo.

..... Next patch please. Next game also.