KOF XIV-Terry Bogard

For the diehards! :)
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Yuki Yagami
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KOF XIV-Terry Bogard

Post by Yuki Yagami » Sat Mar 05, 2016 07:07

Get in the ring, Lone Wolf.



Power Wave - qcf .P
Burn Knuckle - qcb .P
Crack Shot - qcb .K
Power Charge - (input unknown)

Desperation Moves
Power Geyser - qcb HCF .P
Buster Wolf - qcf qcf .P

Climax Desperation Move

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Fat Cat Lim
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One stock!
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Re: KOF XIV-Terry Bogard

Post by Fat Cat Lim » Fri Sep 09, 2016 08:04

He's quite strong this year. The strong version of his Burn Knuckle is a nice poke that closes the distance, and it's somewhat safe upon blocking (unless you do it super close to the opponent). His fwd A command move links from his weak attacks, which can combo to his specials/supers. Power Charge is another decent special, and his far D makes a nice meaty poke. Crack shoot is decent for anticipating anti-air. Good easy juggles in EX mode, making him one of the stronger characters this year.

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