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KOF XIV-Clark Still

Posted: Sat Mar 05, 2016 07:04
by Yuki Yagami
Regained some moves again.



Gatling Attack - sonicboom .P
Super Argentine Backbreaker - HCF .K
Mounting Tackle - HCF .P
->Sleeper Lift - dwn dwn .C

Desperation Moves
Running Three - HCF HCF .K

Climax Desperation Move

Re: KOF XIV-Clark Still

Posted: Sat Sep 10, 2016 11:40
by Toxic Avanger
He is basically the most nerfed character from XIII to XIV, lost basically EVERY combo he could do and most of his gameplay options are gone and people will sarcastically ask you to be happy since you won 2 useless moves that won't help you at anything. Normals & basic mobility were nerfed as well..... WHAT GODDAMN AWFUL BETRAYAL!!!

- You can't short jump most fireballs in the game unless you use an attack that reduces your size (usually the CD); so there is no chance to combo punish fireballs thus there is no demerit for the enemy if they are throwing 350 of balls in a round. Let's not talk about you losing the EX that dodged fireballs
- Crouching jab got nerfed, very easy to short jump now (not being easy to jump was a life saviour), other jabs more or less are the same. Crouching B got buffed with better recovery, but every other standing B button attack got nerfed.
- Jump C is no longer his 95 one, but that horrible straight punch that's worthless from the later kofs. Far C is better than XIII and is actually the only damn buff he got for this game, will normally just miss crouchers (the few characters that are forced to crouch guard it, can evade it by not blocking (to keep a smaller size) or by giving a low kick). Far D and close D are utterly useless moves. Close D basically will hit only jumpers, but the hitbox is bad and it comes out slowly preventing you from dreaming about it and it will royally whiff on crouchers. Far D is basicallly no different with even worse recovery--- you no longer have the glorious 95 stomach kick; basically don't use anything but crouching D all day (which got nerfed due to the missing df A).
- Foward B SUCKS ROYALLY, don't use that crap. Slow ass as hell overhead that even a bedridden grandma can react to (actually ground-tested), no longer an overhead even if cancelled into; doesn't improve speed if cancelled into it, so no purpose as poke and you can basically not eye confirm a super cancel from it so that's like betting the round on an easy to react overhead. Max mode activation is sort of possible to eye confirm, but that hardly salvages this atrocious move.
- Step feels slower (guys that couldn't eye react to it on XIII here can jump properly now on our VS sessions. And they are dumber and slower than a couple of years ago). Due to DM bug doing cls C -> step -> ultra argentine is half decent in block now, but that will only work the only first few tries and then it's better forgotten.
- Argentine has short as range, so it's hard to play speed traps with it, let alone that throws work in much less circumnstances now on XIV. B version has more range, but the autoguard will get stuffed most of the time since it's way too badly programmed on this game (it's like a freaking neon blinking flash light, if it guards something or not is up to shitty luck). The EX version has the long range and can be followed up, but since you have only one freaking decent follow up option it's not that great (and you'll have to do it every time since you have no options on anything).
- Gattling attack sucks now, only the EX version can be followed up with regular attacks, but you have nothing half remotely decent to combo into it now, so that sucks. The every version of the move have worse recovery than before and the EX one has no invulnerability to neither normal nor fireballs, u.s.e.l.e.s.s.
- The running tackle still has that little detail that it's basically game over if it gets blocked, and has absolutely no special properties to justify any strategic use (making it "gets blocked" a fairly often issue). In some kofs this move is good since it did atroiously big damage (more or less DM level), this kof isn't one of those. The EX one is your only combo filler, and it'll make you wish that you could use a DM instead almost every freaking time.
- Vulcan punch sucks ass. I normally make sure of not using the ass or shit word in the internet but this one deserves it; first you can't kara cancel normals with this move (making it impossible to use as an anti air on reaction, which was basically the only combat use of the move had); you also can't drive cancel it before it comes out like you could in '95 or XIII (the basis of complexity with the character and the only reason to practice anything with Clark). Additionally, it's hard as hell to hit all punches due to bad range and you basically can't hit with anything but a climax cancel after this move lands and that's only in some circumnstances, simply put, it's crap.
- Ultra argentine is the same, but Running Tree is by far the worst version of the move with no invincibility to fireballs nor attaks, (the 2 gauge version has some ultra small invincibility, but blah). Climax has some good invincibility, but it's too slow to come out and it obviously can't be your main revesal move with 3 freaking gauges on each use.

Combos :

- Crouching B -> Rush.
+ Seriously, now that crouching B x2 and standing A sucks, it's not adviciable as your main 1 gauge no drive combo. Then again, rather than this you better learn how to activate Max from lows.

- Crouching B -> close standing C (1 hit) -> argentine.
+ Initially it looks like it's going to be your trusted partner and main hit confirm, but then you realize that it will whiff in almost every battle circumnstance including blocking (and at that point you'll eat a combo, since the far C will come out) that then you are better of forgetting about this. Basically "she had a boyfriend" :(

- Crouching B -> Crouching A -> weak gattling.
+ Weak, but you'll have to use it most of the time since the argentine has crap range. Better learn how to burst Max from low attacks instead.

- cls C (1 hit) -> Max Mode -> crouching C -> EX Argentine -> EX running tackle -> dn dn D.
+ Will you, take this goddamn simple boring combo with no variations; to have and to hold from this day forward, for better for worse, for richer for poorer, in sickness and in health, against Nakoruru or Maxima, weither you have 10 gauges or 1, weither you are first character or last, till death do you part, according to game's crappy ass balance; amen. Trust me, in no time you'll be like Rei and you'll survive even via eating mud for the sake of rescuing your little sister in a post apocalyptic world only armed with this one combo. And I'm not amused.

- cls C (1 hit) -> Max Mode -> cls C (1 hit) -> EX Vulcan -> EX Argentine -> Ex tackle.
+ Third member version of the previous combo, but it's a lot more difficult in execution while it hardly does more damage. You are better of renewing your vows. There is a version of this with Clark cornered (EX argentine -> EX vulcan -> Ex tackle), but it's even more inconsistent than this one, blargh.

- cls C (1 hit) -> Max Mode -> cr C -> strong gattling (2 hits) -> Ultra argentine.
+ Sounds cool and all since you are using 2 gauges, but it's hardly more damaging that the 1 bar EX only combo. You are probably better using the 1 gauge combo, since you can basically convert more chances to a combo (which is basically your only option for anything), rather than using 2 gauges to win almost no damage.

- cls C (1 hit) -> Max Mode -> cr C -> strong gattling (2 hits) -> Running tree -> Climax.
+ Your only viable 5 bar variation, better go to sleep.

Re: KOF XIV-Clark Still

Posted: Wed Oct 19, 2016 05:14
by Toxic Avanger
Some improvements on command recognition, but buffing point.

...... No wonder even ET filed a divorce from this Clark, yuck.