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Yuki Yagami
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Post by Yuki Yagami » Sun Dec 06, 2015 04:24

One of the rarely changed... She's back in her '96 costume...

(Movelist TBA)

- bk / fwd .C
- bk / fwd .D

Sliding Kick - df .D

Venom Strike - qcf .K
Trap Shot - DP .K
Tornade Kick '95 - HCB .K

Desperation Moves
Surprise Rose - qcf qcf .P
Slient Flash - qcb qcb .K

Climax Desperation Move
- qcf HCB .B .D

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Toxic Avanger
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Re: KOF XIV-King

Post by Toxic Avanger » Mon Sep 12, 2016 18:55

This is another case of "feels similar to how she was in XIII, and that automatically makes her one of the best characters of the game since everything else was nerfed to hell in XIV"

- Far A feels weaker and can't be cancelled, close A is new and good enough. Crouching A is much more essential than before but it has nerfed range now,
- Far B is gone, obviously. If you weren't playing before with the assumption that such a broken normal was going to be taken out eventually, then there is something really wrong with your head. Close B is not chainable which basically destroy any possible use, far B is slow but has guard point; not really something to kill yourself over.
- Far C is still good, but crouching C feels way weaker due to how hitboxes royally screwed up for this game.
- Far D was nerfed, but still is strong and many characters can't crouch it; the new crouching D feels good as well.
- The slide comes out a little bit slower, so you have to be careful when cancel it. It also leaves the enemy far away, which makes tricky maxing it. It's also way harder to link a far C or far A after hitting with it at max range. It's probably impossible in practice mode and needs the enemy to walk into it from outside max range.
- Air venom strike is gone, but that was only really good for advanced strategies and combos, if you are bad (and you are, like me) you'll learn to live without it quickly enough. Normal venom strike is still good, but is "easier" to slide in this game. The EX version is odd and not really that good since it travels too slowly, it can be good against people that don't know how to jump (this is a surprisingly large number of people, btw).
- Trap shot lost that good old legendary low invincibility, so it's to situational to use in battle now. You can still "drag in" a whiffed normal from far distance, and that's that. The EX one still has invincibility.
- B Tornado kick juggles lower now, making it a damn pain to follow up and you can't add anything after the D version? Their punisheabilities are roughly the same, so t's kind of good. The ex version lost it's invincibility, but it's a reliable launcher now.
- Silent Flash doesn't have invincibility with a single gauge, thus it has basically no reason to exit. Surprise rose also doesn't have invincibility with a gauge. I haven't played around that much with Illusion dance since every experiment wastes all of your damn gauges, not being able to make Climaxes cost 2 gauges is a big demerit to using them.

Same old same old :

- cr B -> cr A -> df D -> Hcb B -> far C
+ You gain like 3 damage compared to doing a Hcb D, so it's really not worth the pain. For the far C to connect you need to delay canceling the tornado kick from the slide, to keep the enemy closer.

- cr A -> cls D -> df D -> Hcb B -> Surprise Rose
+ Corner only, standard stuff. Like most of the links in the game, if the enemy blocks the link disappears due to spacing.

- CD -> B Venom Strike -> D Tornado shot.
+ Obviously screen position dependant

- cr B -> cr A -> far C -> Max Mode -> cls D -> df D -> EX Tornado -> Venom strike -> Surprise Rose.
+ Damage and difficulty is higher with the far C instead of the df D, so do this a couple of times to get claps and then stick to the easier variation, it's possible on any position; but it's only optimal on the first. Replace the venom strike with an EX Trap shot if you want only a single gauge combo.

- cls D -> df D -> Max Mode -> cls D -> df D -> Ex Tornado -> Trap Shot -> Surprise Rose
+ Second position version of the previous combo, you need to cancel the last hit of the trap shot, otherwise there are plenty of timmings where this one can miss. Unfortunately, you basically can't optimize this into a third position combo outside the corner.....

- cls D -> df D -> Max Mode -> cls D -> df D -> Ex Venom Strike -> Ex Tornado -> Venom strike -> Surprise Rose.
+ Corner only and on third position gauge. For the combo to land you need to delay the EX tornado so that all hits score at low height, otherwise the combo will whiff. You can still do the combo from a second and first position; but it will only be good with a single gauge (no dm at the end, repace it with a crouching C).

- CD -> B Venom strike -> Far C -> Max Mode -> cls D -> df D -> Ex Venom Strike -> Ex Tornado -> Venom strike -> Surprise Rose.
+ You need to be somehow not that close to the corner and not that far (the practice mode position is no good for that). In some cases I have even done CD -> Venom -> close C on block with the same timming, but dunno if you can make it hit. You can aldo land CD -> Venom -> cr A -> Slide ; but it's inferior to the posted combo unless you don't plan on burning max mode.

.... And that's it for now? She is basically not combo oriented, but her "key of success" combos are basically undroppable.

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