KOF XIV-Kula Diamond

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Yuki Yagami
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KOF XIV-Kula Diamond

Post by Yuki Yagami » Sun Dec 06, 2015 04:22

....OK... She's back...


Ice Coffin - bk / fwd .C
Ice Sledge - bk / fwd .D

One Inch - fwd .A
Slider Shoot - df .B

Ice Breath - qcf .P
Crow Bites - DP .P
Counter Shell - qcb .P
Lay Spin - qcb .K
->Sit - fwd .B
->Stand - fwd .D

Desperation Moves
Diamond Edge - qcf qcf .P
Frozen Arena - qcf qcf .K (new)

Climax Desperation Move
Glacier Edge - HCB HCB .P .P

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Re: KOF XIV-Kula Diamond

Post by Dark_Chaotix » Tue Dec 08, 2015 23:36

qcb+A/C doesn't hard knockdown and done on a airborne opponent, you can followup. So far, I only seen sC as I think the player did it by accident.

Maybe this will change.

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Re: KOF XIV-Kula Diamond

Post by Toxic Avanger » Mon Aug 29, 2016 06:25

She feels very similar to KoF XIII, that means that, like Mai; she is going to feel broken since almost everyone has been atrociously glimped from XIII to here.

- Far B and crouching B are still good enough to be the only attacks you use in a 9 hours sessions and get a positive win average. Her new close standing A is even on frames, so use that as you'd like.
- She still has the basic defect that her close standing C & D leave her in way too much negative frames, but at least they have a pretty huge pushback, so you won't eat regular attacks after them (you are left far enough so that Nelson's shotgun dm will whiff).
- Fac C is still quick and cancelable, it even hits crouchers to boot. Basically every far C in the game should be like this (obviously none is). Far D is even on frames, but it won't hit couchers (though the animation starts from the enemy's crotch....).
- Diamond breath got atrociously nerfed (I write that a lot right? I totally super wanna choke and burn the gameplay designer); you can't juggle anything out of the A version, the standing C version no longers allows to dash in to attack and stuns so little that even a far B will get blocked after it (but not a cls C, like hell that will ever happen, though); the only usable exception for this is if you cancel it from a corner CD (which is basically a game over flag if the enemy guard rolls or reacts with a DM in between, so you shouldn't). Far B -> breath feels slightly better than XIII, but not anywhere near as good as in the old games.
- Lay spin is obviously stiffer in this game since juggles have been progressively removed, but is still one of your main combo moves and you shouldn't use it against a blocks. The B version is much safer on block at max distance, but it's not really even so dunno if you can be hit or not.
- Counter shell has a super crappy range, and it leaves the enemy vulnerable, but most of the time you won't be able to add anything outside the corner.
- Crow bites works as usual, the A one has invincibility and criminally lacks range, while the C one has more range. Like the usual trend of the game, your dp has super short invincibility time, making it easy for you to screw up when you are reading the flow of the match.
- DMs are sort of useful, but if you want to super cancel them, be certain that only the A diamond Edge will hit fully on air bones enemies; and for the EX DMs the only time they will hit standing is after super cancelling a crow bites from weak kicks. I haven't played around with the Climax yet, remember that is like an haohshokoken, but it won't travel the whole screen.

Loliconbos :
- cr B -> cr B -> far B -> C Crow Bites
+ You'll be seeing this a lot; C crow bites will whiff on some crouchers, so replace it with a df B if you see the enemy got hit crouching. BTW, activating MAX from 3 weak attacks feels easier with Kula than with anyone else I have tried. It's probably her far B that's suited for it.

- cls C (1 hit) -> fwd A -> qcb B, fwd D -> C crow bites
+ Also the other combo you'll see your whole life.

Max mode :

- cls C (1 hit) -> fwd A -> Max mode -> cls C (1 hit) -> fwd A -> qcf AC -> dash qcb BD -> C crow bites
+ Your other main combo, works on any position but it actually has some pretty neat variations.

- cls C (1 hit) -> fwd A -> Max mode -> cls C (1 hit) -> fwd A -> qcf AC -> dash qcb B, fwd B -> qcb BD, fwd B -> C crow bites
+ It reads amazing, right? QUITE SADLY this combo is "special screen position only"; the enemy needs to less than a screen away from the corner (the qcb B, fwd B needs to hit only the fire ball (not the kick), and the iceball needs to hit super close to the corner, or the EX will miss). If you have experience juggling with Kula in the neogeo games (where optimizing with her was a screen position & character specific nightmare), then recognizing when this combo will work or not will be easy as cake (didn't realize it was specific until after I landed this like 10 times). Works from first position. YOU NEED TO DELAY THE FWD B FROM THE EX TO GET THE RIGHT HEIGHT.

- cls C (1 hit) -> fwd A -> Max mode -> cls C (1 hit) -> fwd A -> qcf AC -> dash qcb BD, fwd B -> qcb D, fwd B -> C crow bites
+ A variation of the previous one, that can start a little bit closer to the center and has different hard points to consider. I actually have more variations of this one (specially if she isn't from on the first position), just goes to show that Kula is still cursed to "pick the combo depending on where you are standing" and not "pick the combo according to your resources". Works from a first position. YOU NEED TO DELAY THE FWD B FROM THE EX TO GET THE RIGHT HEIGHT

- cls C (1 hit) -> fwd A -> Max mode -> cls C (1 hit) -> fwd A -> qcf AC -> qcb BD, fwd B -> qcb BD -> C crow bites.
+ It's more consistent than the previous two versions, but it needs Kula to be on the 3rd position to have enough EXes (or to have bursted in before hand), as usual the iceball needs to hit super close to the corner. YOU NEED TO DELAY THE FWD B FROM THE EX TO GET THE RIGHT HEIGHT

- cls C (1 hit) -> fwd A -> Max mode -> cls C (1 hit) -> fwd A -> qcf AC -> qcb BB, fwd B -> qcb BD -> C crow bites (1 hit) -> Diamond Edge.
+ Can be from not too close from the corner (listed before), but this combo is 100% CONSISTENT AND NOT RANDOM IN THE CORNER, needs a 3rd position and you are burning 2 gauges to do a level 1 DM (well, if you use an EX DM they will hurt for 220 vs the 200 that scores the regular diamond edge. If you want to use the climax without using up the max, replace the second EX spin for a C crow bites -> climax. Also, if you are on the second or first position, you just need to also omit the second EX spin for this to work.

.... And, that's for about it? Nobody here has went into the labbed more DM combos with her, we are under the impression that she is good expending 1 gauge at the time, sometimes 2 but with a normal DM.

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