KOF XIV-Bandeiras Hattori

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KOF XIV-Bandeiras Hattori

Post by Yuki Yagami » Sat Aug 27, 2016 14:03

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Re: KOF XIV-Bandeiras Hattori

Post by Toxic Avanger » Mon Apr 10, 2017 01:32

This guy is awesome in 2.00; I had always digged him from day one or so, but I never got around picking him up because his bread and butter HD combos were a huge pain in the @$$ and never felt like practicing so much something with so little accuracy anyway. In this version, you can ditch most of the hard situational combos and stick to easy fool proof ones that are a couple of life points worse, but totally stress free.

...... That said, it's not like his instrinsic weakness of 'having no neutral' is gone, but at least the reward factor is now way more easy to take a hold of, so it doesn't feel that much of a drag playing a tough matches with him.

- As I said, he basically has no neutral, if you enemy decides to turtle and get away and keeping you away; you basically have no real way of dealing with it.
- For poking far B, far D and crouching D are good at mid range, far D and couching D are arguably better in this version compared to before.... they are more risky than other character pokes, though; since Hattori-kun does some extra posing while hitting, unlike pokes that you want to abuse it can get bad if they jump or roll when they should (that's going to happen a lot). Jump D is also long range, but it's sort of hard to space so that it hits far away due to his jump angles.
- Jump B cross overs, and now you can actually land behind the enemy after a Qcf C.

Well, combos....

- cls C (1 hit) -> fwd A -> Hcf D -> Hcf B -> standing B.
Easy as pie, but the last hit takes a little bit of getting used to, you can replace it with far A, but I think it doesn't hit on everybody? In the corner you can do a crouching B at the end, which leaves you in much better position.

- cls C (1 hit) -> fwd A -> Qcf C -> Qcb x2 + A > Hcf D -> Hcf B -> standing B.
It feels sort of weird since you don't juggle with a Hcf D right away (it kills the combo if you do outside the corner). It hurts decently for one gauge.

- cr C -> df D -> Max Mode -> CD -> dp BD -> dp BD -> cr B -> cr A -> fwd A -> Hcf D -> Hcf B -> far B
I'm just listing this as an example that you can leave the enemy standing from a CD, the insane difficulty and the fact that it hurts much less than the tatami gaeshi 1 bar combo will kickly make you drop this. You can do some really interesting stuff if Bandeiras is 3rd and you want to use more than one gauge with this combo as a basis, but that doesn't make it easier.

- cls C -> df D -> Max Mode -> cls C (1 hit) -> fwd A -> Hcf BD -> Qcf C -> Qcb x2 A -> Hcf D -> Hcf B -> cr D
Super easy and reliable combo number 1. This is perfect as a second position, it can work as a first position, but you need to replace the [ Max Mode -> cls C (1 hit) -> fwd A ] with [ Max Mode -> cr C -> Hcf BD ] ; hursts damn a lot as well.

- cls C -> df D -> Max Mode -> cls C (1 hit) -> fwd A -> Hcf D -> Hcf BD -> Hcf B -> qcf A -> Qcf x2 A
This was your best 2 gauge combo in the previous version, but there are so many drop points that I couldn't care to practice it and dropped the character :lol: The first drop point is the EX knee, which you need to land it as low as possible, then you need the land the weak knee at perfect high (another drop point) and then the qcf A as low as possible (you got my drift). Additionally, if the SDM lands very low, Bandeiras will add an extra slash at the end, and aiming for that makes the combo even harder. No thank you.

- cls C -> df D -> Max Mode -> CD -> db BD -> cls C (1 hit) -> fwd A -> Hcf BD -> Hcf D -> Hcf B -> cr B
Corner only and despise using the same basis as the previous combo, this one is much easier. This one shines the most if Hattori-kun is first character and you only want to burn a single gauge, it's amazing then. If the character is 2nd or 3rd, there are much easier variations that can be done, but they sort of hurt less than more basic combos so let's leave this as a 1 gauge combo.

- cls C -> df D -> Max Mode -> cls C (1 hit) -> fwd A -> Hcf D -> Hcf BD -> Qcf C -> Qcb x2 A -> Hcf B -> Hcf B -> cr B
Beefy 2 gauge combo, a little bit of a variation of the previous one. example

- cls C -> df D -> Max Mode -> cls C (1 hit) -> fwd A -> Hcf D -> Hcf BD -> Qcf C -> Qcb x2 A -> Hcf B -> qcf A -> NeoMax
5 version variation of the previous one. example

BTW, here is a combo video for the previous version. Combos that don't include the Tatami Gaeshi should be the same damage wise and modus operadi.

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