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Robot Robot & One Up

   FGC News   February 17, 2021  No Comments

I had a moment to spare so I’m uploading more photos. After the crisis, we hope these stores will still remain. The Robot x2 stores are quite small but contain particular cult classics (in my opinion) and I often go here to dig for Shin Megami Tensei stock and older…

KOF2002UM Discords n Resources

Frankly, we know today’s audience doesn’t want to read, they want to chat, and privately. So here are first some discord links and then the usual channels to follow. Some are, of course, temperamental and only focus on the current game flavour of the month, so jump in while the…

EU KOFAS tournaments

   FGC News   September 24, 2020  No Comments

Doing something a little crazy tonight Europe connections only please! Full power: (fes, collabs, stones etc) KOFAS cost 51 tournament Will be streaming results and chat on and 9.30 London UK time 10.30 Central Europe Time (Paris)

Kofas codes

   FGC News ,   September 4, 2020  No Comments

KOFAS codes probably expire in less than 24 hours and we’ll get more if people come to the stream next time! Update: borntoweld not born2weld – thx Toan and Nando! EndofsummerbonusBorntoweldBetteroffblueThemostmightiestSeptemberrichesGearupforfall2kallday8hundredfightersHalfwayto2k15hundredstrong18hundredforthewin IOS LINK

The World Drop Event

  the World Drop Event has started, and it’s the reason players who wanted to log out for two weeks have rushed straight back in.  Read the info below which I’ve added info to, taken from the CM’s post here but check out some tips we’ve collected, including Farming Spots….

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