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Iori Nyagami

   Funnies   September 15, 2017  No Comments

SNK Online shop MANGA English version vol.3 — Falcoon (@falcoon_master) September 15, 2017

Iori’s tears

   Funnies   September 14, 2017  No Comments

Emo boy with the feels — ON.Gunsmith (@orochinagicom) September 14, 2017

Funny Kensou tech

   Funnies ,   September 9, 2017  No Comments

Niku means meat. 3rd panel says “meat bun” pointing to the meat bun… last panel says “Itadakimasu” (what Japanese people say before eating a meal)

Funny Age

   Funnies ,   September 9, 2017  No Comments

Funny: Whip Tech

   Funnies   September 9, 2017  No Comments

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