Yodobashi Camera Anime Figures

Yodobashi Camera in Akihabara is a large tower department store. It can be accessed directly from the train station although sometimes you may wonder if there are two of them, when you try to access from the Chuo-dori strip you may find yourself walking around the back and for no reason. At any rate, check …

Carts, Parts and Sticks: Gamer Shops in Akihabara 2019

On this page you’ll find a list of stores for those who are looking for a bargain or limited edition controller or console or arcade games / parts in Akihabara! Beep Surugaya Radio Department Store Furenz (Friends) Trader Liberty 5 Book off / Hard off Super Potato Retro Yodobashi Camera & Sofmap Mak Japan

Evangelion Store and Bar Review Aug 2019

If you know the King of Fighters series, you know the link to Evangelion. Now let me tell you a story about freaking expensive items, a song on loop and angelic dumplings. It begins with the Evangelion Store. Well, or may be actually be fourth or fifth, but it’s the only one remaining in Tokyo …

Mandarake Store Tour 2019

*update : added more photos from Nakano Broadway and each photo is clickable to inspect at higher resolution. There are plenty of guides on the Internet, but have they been updated?  Akiba has changed again, not to mention Nakano Broadway.  Here’s your Mandarake update for 2019! Video which briefly summarises what’s written below. Mandarake started …

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