#DOA5U from Acho #GGXRD Sol vs Faust

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#DOA5U from Acho #GGXRD Sol vs Faust

   FGC News ,   June 18, 2014  No Comments

More tournament action, this time 1 on 1, from Kyoto’s finest, on the 15th of June.

2014年6月15日に開催した a-cho DEAD OR ALIVE 5 ULTIMATE ARCADE 1on1大会 終了後 野試合の模様を収録。
2014.6.15 DEAD OR ALIVE 5 ULTIMATE ARCADE 1on1 1on1大会結果

Don’t forget we have a DOA tournament in Paris this weekend!

Here’s some GGXRD from Mikado Arcade, featuring Sol vs Faust, a character I’m quite interested in but seems difficult to use.

Chip vs Sol

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