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Chaos Code

Jojo Dio vs Diavolo

BBCP Fujisawa Fanfan 3on3

P4U2 from Shinjuku Sportsland

KOF95 from Spot21

1 : Shun vs GaroBou
2 : Shun vs Calamity End
3 : KyoIoriΩ Nameless (Kari) vs Sunny24
4 : KyoIoriΩ Nameless (Kari) vs Sunny24
5 : Shun vs Eye:land

1 : Calamity End vs GaroBou
2 : Calamity End vs Shining Chrystal Jumper
3 : Shun vs Rirenza
4 : GaroBou vs Rirenza
5 : Calamity End vs Shun

1 : Sunny24 vs Shun
2 : Sunny24 vs Calamity End
3 : Sunny24 vs Shining Chrystal Jumper
4 : Shun vs Shining Chrystal Jumper
5 : Sunny24 vs Rirenza

1 : Sunny24 vs Rirenza (continued)
2 : Sunny24 vs Rirenza
3 : Eye:land vs Shining Chrystal Jumper
4 : Eye:land vs Shun
5 : Rirenza vs Eye:land

Title : kof95インSPOTその1 新天地に新戦士 …の正しい動画⇒bit ly/RMuihN

Source :

Description : スポット21での野試合会の動画公開開始! DAI ROB AND 次はsm18868569


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