@shoki88 vs Azuki Neko + Beni combo

KoF XIII : 完全勝利した大門くんUC

by ImbuedGold
I left the title as it is in order to preserve the meme. The video title translates to “A complete victory by Daimon-kun UC” , this is part of a famous japanese meme ” ガッツポーズ淫夢くんシリーズ ” , or “Guts pose Inmu-kun series” (totally unsure if the name reading is right). You can read more about it here if your nihongo is up to it : http://dic.nicovideo.jp/a/ガッツポーズ淫夢くんシリーズ

As you might suspect, the meme is characterized by the music. The first player is Shoki and the second is Azuki Neko, the MC is KouKou

Title : 完全勝利した大門くんUC

Source : http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm20913070

Description : YUKUZO

KoF XIII : Benimaru HD combo (update)

by ImbuedGold
Another combo movie by nico user kytk (nico mylist : http://www.nicovideo.jp/mylist/26470761 ). This is a second version or more like an extension of his previous Benimaru HD combo movie

Title : 【KOFXIII】紅丸 パワーゲージ別 HDコンボ 更新分

Source : http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm20911898

Description : どうもです。

この動画のブロマガ ⇒ ar222773
他のkof13動画 ⇒ mylist/26470761

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