ON|Haregoro goes all the way!

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ON|Haregoro goes all the way!

It’s been a busy week for ON, and our Japanese rep, Haregoro, has had a great week, defeating Shoki, Koukou and Oogosho at Nishinippori!


Original upload by 書@VERSUS , this is the 26th team battle from Nishinippori Versus and for this opportunity each player only has a single life.

Gishan is Jamco

Team 1p : Gishan , Muteki no Ryuu , Shounen Kyoukara , Nabe , Pam , Ringo , TengaP , Pounserman , Rinotomo , Haregoro

Team 2p : Naruto , Ruiko , Kamayan , Mau , Himojoe , Yukito@4/28 KOFXI Taikai , kei , Akki , Shoki , Pizamoto , KouKou , Yarakashii jijii

Title : KOF13CL 西日暮里VERSUS・第26回紅白戦・その1

Source : http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm19985377

Description : ~~告知~~




ぎしぁん 対 ナルト からのスタート。

Or you can watch the youtube vids here.

Team 1p : Jamco , Muteki no Ryuu , Shounen Kyoukara , Nabe , Pam

Team 2p : Naruto

Team 1p : Pam , Ringo , Tenga

Team 2p : Ruiko , Kamayan , Mau , Himojoe

Team 1p : Pounser , Rinotomo

Team 2p : Yukito , kei , Akki

Team 1p : Rinotomo , Haregoro

Team 2p : Shoki , Picnic , KouKou , Gosho

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