And it’s one of your ON representatives for Australia! Congrats ON|Colonov!

Check out the final 4 streaming at 0:33, with commentary from ON|Dark Chaotix!

Funnily enough you may remember Derrace from the forums!!! Good to see him back in the scene!

DC explained that Eddie was in Singapore training with Xian, so good to know the scene is still hot there too!

Brackets here


colonov ohn11
ohn11 crowd

derrace colonov ohn11

Interesting moment where I saw Colonov win a match and next thing you see is a lady in the audience stuffing what seems to be cash into her wallet with a big smile…

Lol at prize announcer motioning everyone to get off the stage after awards handed out.



Watch live video from ozhadou on TwitchTV



Watch live video from ozhadou on TwitchTV


Watch live video from ozhadou on TwitchTV

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