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   FGC News   July 28, 2012  1 Comment

うぱ夫 graces us with anther community effort, this time around more than combos this video is completely geared towards forcing a guard crush from a full guard. Some of the combos are rather practical, some others are not, but all of them are rather interesting.

Community : The “Think about it sensibly” nico community [ Joushikiteki ni Kangaete or 常識的に考えて ] (page :
Video uploader & Community leader : うぱ夫 or Upao (nico user page : )
For the creation of this video the community extend it’s thanks to the player ケリオンさん (Kerion)

This video does not take into account “heavy guard” class characters (Daimon & Maxima).

Title : 【うぱ夫配信】 KOF13 – ガクラ連携

Source :

Description : 常識的に考えて【】で生配信を行っております、うぱ夫と申します。

Special Thanks! ⇒ ケリオンさん

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