Gunsmith was in Los Angeles with the AA crew (ex AI) watching it live, witnessing legendary players such as 777 and Oz get down to some proper old skool battling with KOF 98, Last Blade 2 and MOTW.  If you didn’t see it here’s the video, you HAVE to watch it, this is… SERIOUS BUSINESS. Below the video is the player list and schedule, as listed by who also uploaded the footage to youtube.

Top 8 matches of the second Total Eclipse of SNK, a japanese tournament featuring 3 classic SNK games: King of Fighters ’98, Last Blade 2 and Garou Mark the wolves.
This event has been held on 30th April 2011 in WinPA, and it has been sponsorized by Enterbrain.

Players are as follows:

King of Fighters ’98 TOP 8 matches:

02:12 niikura (Clark/Iori/Daimon) vs りしゃ (Kyo/Daimon/Orochi Yashiro)
07:42 キャップ (Iori/Daimon/Orochi Yashiro) vs ハヤト (Yashiro/Robert/Leona)
12:25 スエ (Kyo/Iori/Orochi Yashiro) vs づね (Alt Ryo/King/Benimaru)
17:46 777 (Kim/Daimon/Orochi Chris) vs OZ (Chizuru/Mai/Iori)
22:31 Semifinal: キャップ (Iori/Daimon/Orochi Yashiro) vs niikura (Clark/Iori/Daimon)
27:18 Semifinal: 777 (Kim/Daimon/Orochi Chris) vs づね (Alt Ryo/King/Benimaru)
31:04 3rd Place: niikura (Clark/Iori/Daimon) vs 777 (Kim/Daimon/Orochi Chris)
35:16 Final: キャップ (Iori/Daimon/Orochi Yashiro) vs づね (Alt Ryo/King/Benimaru)

Bakumatsu Roman Gekka No Kenshi 2 TOP 8 Matches:

53:20 恭也 (S.Hibiki) vs 白うさぎ (P.Mukuro)
59:55 777 (P.Setsuna) vs 大樹 (P.Kaede)
1:03:54 RYO (P.Mukuro) vs 兵藤 和尊 (P.Mukuro)
1:10:02 たくみん! (P.Setsuna) vs R-MOON (S.Kojiroh)
1:16:09 Semifinal: 恭也 (S.Hibiki) vs 大樹 (P.Kaede)
1:23:17 Semifinal: RYO (P.Mukuro) vs R-MOON (S.Kojiroh)
1:30:26 3rd Place: 恭也 (S.Hibiki) vs R-MOON (S.Kojiroh)
1:37:34 Final: 大樹 (P.Kaede) vs RYO (P.Mukuro)

Garou Mark of the Wolves TOP 8 matches

1:59:58 ごんちゃん (Hotaru) vs なおやん (Dong Hwan)
2:03:30 わた (Jenet) vs アツ (Dong Hwan)
2:07:35 雨森 (Terry) vs コンタ (Hotaru)
2:07:35 たむら (Marco) vs あっきー (Jenet)
2:15:22 Semifinal: ごんちゃん (Hotaru) vs わた (Jenet)
2:19:51 Semifinal: 雨森 (Terry) vs あっきー (Jenet)
2:23:46 3rd Place: わた (Jenet) vs 雨森 (Terry)
2:29:04 Final: ごんちゃん (Hotaru) vs あっきー (Jenet)

2:37:56 Awards

– Total Eclipse of SNK ( )
– Tougeki Streaming ( )
– Tougeki Ustream ( )

You can see the youtube version at Soh85’s channel if you had any problems with ustream.

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