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Games: Every KOF (Yes, Fatal Fury does count!), CVS and SVC.

Favorite Characters: Vice, Shermie, Mature, and Leona Heidern.

Likes: Mezcal, Fish(raw), V Slashering people, and TaeKwon-Do.

Dislikes: Tier whore-ing, People who diss KOF, and the sexist fgc that takes it too far.

Favorite match: Wawa vs a whole bunch of grown men.

Future Goals: To make it out of the pools at EVO this year. And get more people to play KOF.

Would like you to know: The “bottom tier of all tier lists,” Leona Heidern, is coming.

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Track Record:

[timeline style=”1″ effect=”none”][timeline_item status=”end” date=”Sep 05, 2015″ title=”SCR 2015″]Top 8[/timeline_item]

[timeline_item date=”May 16, 2014″ title=”Hyper Battle 2″]top 8[/timeline_item]

[timeline_item date=”May 16, 2014″ title=”NEC 15″]Top 8[/timeline_item]

[timeline_item date=”May 16, 2014″ title=”CEO 2014″]Top 8[/timeline_item]

[timeline_item status=”start” date=”Apr 01, 2014″ title=” Texas Showdown”]5th[/timeline_item][/timeline]

Constantly placing top 3 in local tournaments.




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