Country: Scotland

Games: KoFXIII, Karnov’s Revenge, SF Alpha 3/Zero 3, KoF2002, Rage of the Dragons, UNIEL, Breakers Revenge

Favourite Characters: Alpha/Zero 3 Karin, 2002 May Lee/Angel, Athena(Non-school uniform zzzzzz boring), Iori(Flame, All games), Bridget, Karnov Marstorius, Whoever is Top Tier

Likes: Breaking games, finding bullshit, beef(the food), option selects(they make a game good!), sleep.

Dislikes: Not understanding other languages and being too lazy to learn them, KoFXIII, Making mistakes, Evil.

Favourite match: Kindevu vs Shinya in A/Z3(2003)  It’s actually the best.

Future goals: Break more games, annoy Gunsmith more, travel more, play new games, meet more people. I have too many.

Hobby: Resurrection

Forte in Sports: Everything

Track Record

I can run a half marathon in around 1 hour 45 minutes.


Kindevu vs Shinya in A/Z3(2003)

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