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Country: Chile, SouthAmerica

Games: KOF13, KOF02UM, KOF11, CvS2, SFIII3rdStrike

Favourite Characters: Ash, 13 ClawIori, CvS2 Kyo, Hibiki,02UM Kyo-2, Yang, 98 UraYashiro

Likes: ComputerScience and Foods

Dislikes: Not having money for travelling around the world, dropping combos, my misuse of propositions (in, on, etc) in engrish.

Favourite match: KOF98 ChingLung vs Dakou

Future goals: Meet my international FGC Friends

Track Record: Lots of 2nd places in KOF13 during 2011 and 2012. No international majors played yet :(

twitter @Tortiiilla
facebook Paulo Sandoval
This is KOF13 Festigame Finals (Gutts vs Me) from an early 2012 tournament.. Neither of us got any tournament prize because of reasons.
Here’s Tom Sawyer vs Me, it was cool because he was the first non-southamerican-guy I faced in kof13. I managed to beat him but a few months later he started to improve and learnt how to defeat Ash Crimson and kick him in the bottom*.

*Text edited by Alan for PG13 audiences.



Fave Fights: Here’s VS Baek, I liked this fight because he has a great Kula, this fight was in the latest iteration of Meliblipas (Big Major here, it’s in September and I’m not gonna make it because I’ll be flying to shibainuland).*



Placed Top 3 in Tournaments,50|Uses Top Tier Characters,120|Likes to drink”

Fave Fights: Here’s a Money Match I had in Antofagasta against Peru’s Whip.


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