Taj Garou

Country: Australia

Games: KOFXIV, KOF2002UM, Garou MOTW, SFIII 3S, Yatagarasu AoC

Favourite Characters: Terry Bogard, Andy Bogard, Joe Higashi, Ryo Sakazaki, Robert Garcia,

Likes: Fighting games that have a parry mechanic.

Dislikes: Having to sleep because “Wolves Never Sleep”

Favourite match : N/A

Future goals: Continue to build a vibrant KOF community in Australia and hope to someday attend major tournaments overseas.

What would you like to know: Fighting game enthusiast, community and tournament organiser for the Gold Coast Fighters, casual/tournament player and huge fan of SNK. Working towards making KOF the game to play Down Under by promoting older and newer titles in the series as well as teaching newcomers the fundamentals of KOF along with the origins of their favourite characters. The goal is to build a vibrant community by having the games present at local meetups, tournaments and major events.

Twitter @TAJgarou