1- KOF13,
2- UMVC3
3- USF4
4- Persona4

Favourite Characters: KOFXIII (Kim -Kyo- K’ -Shen-Hwa Jai- Yuri -Ryo…) UMVC3 (Strider- Vergil- Dante – Wesker) SSF4AE (Juri – Feilong – Yun)

Country: Morocco

Likes: Nothing special

Dislikes: Giving up

Future goals: Winning Evo tournament

Would like you to know: “I’ve been fighting since the beginning of KOF so I’m not gonna let all these scars go to waste without winning a world championship.”

Track Record

Event & position

  • Moroccan Madness I KOF13(1st)
  • Moroccan Madness II KOF13(1st)
  • Marrakech Summer Contest 2013 KOF13(2nd)
  • Africa Fighters 2013 UMVc3 (3rd)
  • After The Apocalypse 2013 KOF 13 (1st)
  • After The Apocalypse 2013 SSF4ae (3rd)
  • The Kingdom of Fighters League 2014 KOF XIII (1st)
  • Ultimate Fez Fighters 2016 ( Fez, Morocco)
    KOFXIII 1st
    USF4 7th
  • Fighting Days 2016(Casablanca , Morocco)
    SFV 1st
    KOFXIII 2nd
  • Abu Dhabi Summer Festival 2016 ( Abudhabi, UAE)
    SFV 5th
  • Yangcheng Cup 2016 ( Guangzhou, China)
    SFV (10vs10) 1st
    SFV (1vs1) 17th
    KOFXIV 2nd
  • Esports Festival Hong Kong 2016
    SFV 17th
  • Ze Fighting Game Championship 2016 (Chengdu, China)
    SFV 13th
  • Casablanca Showdown 2016 ( Casablanca , Morocco)
    SFV 1st
    KOFXIV 1st
  • GCC Majors Bahrain 2016
    SFV 7th
    KOFXIV 3rd
    “2017 .. BRING IT ON !!!! “



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