Country: Indonesia, Sukabumi, West Java

Games: KOF Saga except 2003 and XII, Ultra Street Fighter IV

Favourite Character: Clark, Ryu

Likes: Computer Science, Cigarette, Guitar, Beer and enjoying good matches of KOF.

Dislikes: Not having money for travelling around the world 🙁

Favourite Matches: Post-IGT2015 KOF13 FT10 ET vs MadKOF, ON Gunsmith vs CG Bala Clark Mirror Match IVGC 2014 KOF XIII

Future Goals: Meet my international FGC Friends, Have new keyboard converter for keyboard to PS3/xbox360/PS4.

Track Record: Lots of 1st Places in KOF13 Local Tournaments during 2013-2014, Top 8 SEAM 2014.

Would like you to know: I’m keyboard player and I’m FAT! That’s all.



Featured Matches:

“The Comeback!”

“Keyboard converter is broken and forced to use Fightstick”

“Online Matches on Steam against Top chinese players”